First the Dome, then the War, now the Olympics.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by goodkurtz, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Here it comes just on cue.
    Winding down from Iraq the second of a series of Great British Fiascos, comes the third - the fcuking Olympics.
    First the Dome, then the War, now the Games.
    All examples of the same disordered thinking, vanity and corrupted vaunting ambition.

  2. i read yesterday on teletext that the wage bill for the organisers has already cost £3,000,000 and there has been nothing done yet except sit in commitees. Waste of money to please a few sportsmen and women who do nothing for the country but make a good living out of pursuing their hobby.
  3. well , i dont care about the olympics at all, waste of money imo.
    i could think of a lot of things that would benefit more from that sort of money.
  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    One thing to our advantage will be all the cheap flights on the empty planes going from Heathrow in 2012. :D
  5. Look on the bright side goodkurtz, the Olympics have probably only been awarded to the UK by a cabal of nations interested in sport - possibly an Olympic Committee? This sinister group are obviously intent on setting up the British government to take a fall, in order to maximise the deliverable benefits for their space lizard masters, who will no doubt be planning further conspiracies, in between overturning the laws of physics and making big buildings fall with a (spookily) enormous crump!

    bound to me something in that lot for you to populate your evenings clad in spiderman pyjamas, calling to mum for another doughnut and e-mailing your fellow "lone gunmen"...
  6. ROFL!!
  7. craftsmanx - are you sure you weren't reading about the Football Association?
  8. The Dome, the War & the Olympics?

    That looks suspiciously like my CV. :oops:
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  10. Thought the olympics was the fourth fiasco ... northern rock being number 3. The money plowed into that is supposed to be 57billion already. Just goes to show nu labour started small at the 1b dome and have now REALLY got the hang of squandering our tax money. Cnuts!
  11. It is increadably sad and boring that the people of this land feel the need to attack anything tried out.
    I went to the original Dome when it opened and me and the kids had a great day out.
    I can't wait for the Olympics, come hell of high water I'm going to at least one event. For years I have watched every other nation get the Olympics and it looks fantastic.
    Stop being so bloody miserable and get behing this amazing national event. For most of us it will be a once in a lifetime thing. And please stop knocking anything remotley good.
    Oh apart from these stupid ops they keep getting us to do...
  12. What will the benefits actually be to the nation.

    IMO some flats (once they move out of the village) in London and a stadium that will be half demolished after 2 weeks of use, and then probably be given to a football team.

    Sure we should rejoince at getting the Olympics, but they surely could have been put on at vastly lower prices that are being quoted by using other stadia around the region, and going up all the time.

    With all the other monies that have been hived off the other good causes, there are projects that have had to be cancelled or greatly reduced.
  13. Actually come to think of it it sounds like a Jeffrey Archer trilogy. :D
  14. Nothing to worry about, they have recouped that money by selling 25millon sets of ID.

    That 3 million bill mentioned above - cost 8 million learner driver id details.

    What else needs paying for? I am sure there are a few million other bits of information that can be sold on..
  15. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    A billion here, a billion there

    Pretty soon we will be talking about serious money!