First the Danes, now the Germans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldSnowy, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    A cartoon in Der Tagesspiegel, a Berlin daily, shows the Iran Football Team, in this year's World Cup, as suicide bombers, and the German team as Bundeswehr soldiers.
    Go to: and then click on the "Bilderstrecke: Die Stuttmann-Karikaturen" in the "Zum Thema" section.

    Needless to say, the Mullahs are not happy:
    Iran demands apology over German cartoon

    "Luke Harding in Berlin, Declan Walsh in Islamabad and Robert Tait in Tehran
    Wednesday February 15, 2006
    Copyright - The Guardian

    A German newspaper yesterday published a cartoon depicting the Iranian football team dressed as suicide bombers, opening up a new front in the row over caricatures of the prophet Muhammad.
    Iran immediately demanded an apology from Der Tagesspiegel, which showed four Iranian players at this summer's World Cup in Germany with explosives attached to their chests. A caption read: "Why the German army should definitely be used during the football World Cup." The general secretary of Iran's sports press association yesterday described the latest caricature as a "black joke". The Iranian embassy in Berlin called for an apology, saying the cartoon was "an immoral act".

    "Malte Lehming, comment editor at Der Tagesspiegel, said yesterday the caricature was meant for "a German audience". Asked whether it had been unwise to print it, he told the Guardian: "The problem is where do you draw the line? Cartoons have to be satirical and mean. We are very sorry if we have hurt the feelings of any Iranians. But we have not apologised."

    The cartoonist, Klaus Stuttmann, received three death threats and is in hiding, the paper said. It reprinted the cartoon next to an editorial, which said it had not intended to question the "integrity" of Iran's football team.",,1710020,00.html

    Yet again, I just fall over laughing at that wacky Teutonic 'Sense of Humour'........ No wonder they are infamous for havnig given the World so many great international comedians (I mean deliberate ones, not accidental ones like Marx, Engels, and Mr. Hilter).
  2. The problem is that the German Army is banned from police duties in the `Homeland`,a legacy of after war sensibility,and a fear of militarism poking its evil head out.

    The German High Court ruled that they could not use the Bundeswehr to protect the World Cup Stadiums,a little bit late as the games start in June(?).

    However depicting the Iranian teams as bombers was idiocy,and has,in my opinion nothing to do with freedom of the press,in fact it will place the contest under more danger;With a population of 3 million muslims you only need a few hot-heads,and this country is full of them!
  3. Does this mean its OK for The Scum to photoshop WWII-era tin hats onto the heads of Sven's men once more? IIRC, the boxheads had a bit of a sense of humour failure last time.

    Sauce for the goose etc...
  4. Well, lets not be too hasty here.

    The team might well have a "bomber".

    Big Ron Atkinson was forever going on about giving the ball to the "bomber" when he was in coaching/ managing, before his short-lived and disasterous foray into the world of EO advisor.

    Maybe, Big Ron is coaching the Iranians?
  5. well, the Dutch will all be wearing these: