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First Tactical - Tactix Tactical trousers


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A new review has been created: First Tactical - Tactix Tactical trousers

Some years ago, we released an article in the ‘A Closer Look At’ series which went into detail about the company 5.11 Tactical, and generally acknowledged that their kit was robust and good quality. It will be interesting then to know that the founder of 5.11, Dan Costa, has since moved on to a new project in the form of a company called ‘First Tactical’ which was launched on April the 1st, 2015.

With a UK arm now operating, we’ve had the chance to get our hands on some of their kit. It’s worth nothing that their use is primarily Emergency Services / Law Enforcement, however as with lots of this kind of thing, there are cross overs in some areas.

For this, we’re looking at the First Tactical Tactix Tactical pants. These are available in black, khaki and navy and go for £64.95 on the FT website here Men's Tactix Tactical Pants | First Tactical Europe and their primary remit is Law Enforcement / PMC / NGO. This review seems them in the Law Enforcement environment.

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The first thing to note out of the bag, is the quality. 5.11 was known for quality machining of their kit, and Dan has clearly brought the same principles with him to First Tactical. I had actually bought a pair of 5.11 trousers only a month or so ago and they didn’t quite hit the spot for a variety of reasons, but these fit the bill perfectly.

The trousers are a polyester / cotton blend with a stretch capability, which gives that durable but light feel that you don’t get with an all-cotton trouser and they’re also reinforced with double ripstop fabric. Ripstop if you’re not aware, is the faint horizontal and vertical cross-hatching effect. The purpose is simple – if the fabric rips, it’s stopped by the interwoven ripstop fabric, meaning a hole doesn’t become a split doesn’t become a tear, doesn’t become a problem.

Normally, this results in a heavier garment, but again, clever machining and design means the trousers stay light but durable.

They also, unlike some cargo / khaki style trousers, don’t flare out around the thighs for that MC Hammer look, and stay fairly straight-line, creating a good, sharp look about them.

My big thing about them is the pockets. It’s as if someone looked at them during the design phase and had a list of features, one of which was, ‘lots of pockets’, which I love. You can never...
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