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First Tactical Tactix Softshell jacket


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Continuing on with our look at First Tactical products, we’ve got the Tactix Softshell Jacket to check out, retailing at £109 on the FT website.

This jacket can be worn both as an everyday wear but is also designed for use in a tactical role (again, PMC / NGO, Police, etc) but is also part of the Jacket & Parka systems, designed to be used as an inner for the larger parka jackets. It does however, work perfectly well on its own.

The jacket is a mix of nylon for the primary with 15% spandex, which makes it quite stretchable, as well as making it generally more comfortable and forgiving to wear, and is classed as both water and wind resistant. In terms of wind resistance, it does the job admirably considering this last week has seen some fairly heavy storms hitting the UK in which I’ve had the pleasure of being out and about. The softshell has kept me warm throughout thanks to a very cosy lining.

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Internal lining and reinforced shoulder areas
When it has rained (which it has, a lot), I’ve not experienced that inner sogginess you can get from fabric that fails to keep the water out – it should be noted that the wind was beating most of the rain off me and so it never had time to settle. The difference between ‘resistant’ and ‘proof’ is an important one!

The look of the jacket is very sharp and very clean; the only protrusions from the jacket are the Velcro straps at the wrist for tightening the cuffs and some zips.

There are four pockets on the outside of the jacket, one at each pectoral that are side accessed (the one on the right also has a pen sink next to it) from the main jacket zip and one each on the inside in the same location with the one on the left having a port for headphone / earpiece cables.

Right side chest pocket with pen storage Internal chest pocket with Mic loop and owner tag

There’s one at each side for your standard hip pockets, also side accessed. Everything is secured with YKK zips which are the go-to brand and the best zips on the market and so stand little chance of breaking or snagging.

The liner of the jacket is an extra layer of soft, comfortable material that keeps the warmth in and gives a very refined feel to the...

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