First Tactical Launches in UK

Just in by email is the news that a company called First Tactical ( has just launched in the UK. They're owned by the former owner of 5.11 Tactical who built them up into the massive brand that they are today. It's therefore likely that First Tactical is going to be a big player on the scene.

As you can see from the PR blurb below, the business model is based around direct sales so that prices can be kept competitive by removing the middlemen such as the distributor and resellers.

New to launch in the UK and Europe for 2016 is ground-breaking technical brand, First Tactical. Revolutionising the tactical industry, First Tactical launched in the US and Asia in July 2015 and is supplying the end consumer with high quality product for both men and women at a competitive price.

First Tactical is focused on providing the end consumer with product that is specific to their requirements, guided by innovation and reliability. The design process combines both advanced technical materials with state-of-the-art components. First Tactical is built to offer fully functional gear precisely created for professionals in the military, emergency and police service.

Working with real operators from the tactical fields, First Tactical strives to fully understand customer demand through a circular development process: Listen, Engineer, Field Test and Deploy. First Tactical listens to its customers through regular product development sessions with real operators in the field. First Tactical also ensures it engineers cutting-edge product to transform common gear into incomparable tools for professionals. Through the use of Field Testing, First Tactical’s products are put under scrutiny in the most demanding conditions to ensure they withstand a variety of environments. Finally, First Tactical delivers the top-quality products straight to the consumer by eliminating the middleman, allowing a quicker and more cost effective process.

First Tactical offers a full suite of clothing and complimentary equipment for tactical professions across all fields. The First Tactical range encompasses boots, trousers, technical shirting, outerwear, gloves, knives, flashlights, socks, packs and bags and with more categories to follow.

I've already had a sneak preview of their kit and have been using the First Tactical Tactix Backpack/Daysack since January. Its an impressive piece of kit so if their other products are similar then they'll be worth looking at.
Unlikely but I do still have a slack handful of ties somewhere. Let me know if you want one.
I wear mine at every opportunity. It's drawn some odd looks at 'do's' amongst the club tie experten.
I wonder if we need an Arrse register of interests?

Just to stop any rumours from starting of course
Slightly off topic but I hope everyone is aware there are actually three versions of the ARRSE tie:

1. ARRSE Town Tie

2. ARRSE Country Tie

3. And last but by no means least - the ARRSE Bow Tie (only 1 left)

If you want any of these then please pay through the site donations system and make sure we know which one you want and where they need sending - cost is £15 each of £25 for two.


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Not wishing to be cynical but it seems the thread was a covert punt for tie sales :D

They silk or that nasty polyester stuff?
Not wishing to be cynical but it seems the thread was a covert punt for tie sales :D
Unintended consequences

They silk or that nasty polyester stuff?
Silk, they came to us via so quality is good

Can't see from the photos but have they got "arrse" on them anywhere ?
Alas no, although the colours make them pretty unique.

And for those of you who remember when this was all green fields here is an antique thread:
Bow or Town? Hmmmm... let me see.

Ah yes! I'm a Country Member.

T'would appear my charabanc has arrived....
A lot of 5.11 was manufactured in Cambodia- I may have to hop across and see if they have a factory shop.
I may purchase a tie....
Do. You won't regret the decision for a moment. Fast, friendly, reliable service, the money will be out of your account before you notice.

(ETA; not only will your purchase keep the site functioning, but it will help clear some of the clutter by shifting stock that has been as likely to move as a Frenchman living next-door to a brothel.)
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