First TA pay slip

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jonny36, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. Got my first TA pay slip which is just for January no sign of December.

    Also the only reference was for training nights in January and not the weekends.

    Is this normal?
    Is it best to keep a record of attendance and travel so you can query?
    Do you find you have to chase people regarding your pay due to not being correct/accurate?

  2. It's probably I minor delay whilst they get your pay etc all set up.

    You'll probably find the missing money in next months pay.

    I did 6 years in the TA and can't remember having a major issues, some late payments that turned up a month or so late, your unit pay clerk should be helpful enough mate.
  3. Yes, yes, yes and yes again.
  4. Cheers Seagull it's not just me then.

    I must say though the money has not changed much in my 12 years since leaving the regs!

    Makes you mad when when the police are shouting about pay and the lads and girls are at war on that sort of money.

    Something else I noticed is when I watch my football team on a Saturday the Police have better kit than our boys in Afghan and Iraq!?
  5. Took just over 12 months to get my first lot of pay through.
  6. 12 months!! OMG! !
    I have not been paid since b4 crimbo. But not like im going to miss £50 a month tho.................

    You learn not to rely on the pay you get from the Army rather quickly!!!
  7. What reason have you been given Viper?
  8. You got paid that quickly? Blimey. Took 8 months for me...
  9. MG, I haven't been goven any reason....just "in the system" ?
  10. 19 years and never been able to fathom the Army pay system, some times its prompt can remember a time you got two pay runs a month, and other times it takes months for your wages to arrive in the bank. allways keep a record of the days you do so youve got ammo to argue if it dosn't turn up and never be feared to hassel the clerk/ PASO if you think your intitaled to it what have you got to loose?
    Now wait for the post that says you souldn't rely on your TA money, possibly true, I certianly dont rely on it (good job or my kids would go hungry) but if you do the duty you should get payed for it in a timely fashion.
    Rant over!