First step done!:)

Hi lads,
went to my ACO and was congratulated on my first step in joining the army. (Walking into the ACO) Although i have to lose a bit of weight (1 stone Cos im a fat mo' fo') it has more or less made me more determined.

Can anyone suggest a quick effective plan to lose about 1 stone nd a half if not more for that bit extra.

Andrew 8)
cut out the beer and kebabs, run more.
There is no such thing as a quick and effective plan for losing weight. Eat less. Eat well. And exercise. You fat git. :)
and ignore billy bullshitters, oh hi duffdike.
Filbert Fox said:
and ignore billy bullshitters, oh hi duffdike.
Speak to MDN he says hes apparently Kosher...

See it will be a bit more quick for me seeing as im 16 yes? no?

Already set myself a running reigiem (spelling) Wich involves a 2 mile jog/run/walk:) lol 3 times a week gradually going to 4 times a week
If possible son get on a proper diet. Ditch all your burgers etc. Eat fruit veg fish the good stuff. Do not overdo the training but a 5 mile walk daily will knock the pounds off asap. A strict diet can drop you by 2 lbs a week. But you do not want to lose strength. Set a sensible goal and timetable. Keep notes. Monitor your progress. Get a mate to train with. Buy good trainers (not fancy shit). And good luck. The people on this forum have made soldiers out of some very unpromising material :)
what do you want to join?
Filbert Fox said:
what do you want to join?
To be honest at the moment im still slightly confused.
I was thinking driver or an air dispatcher....but i was told i can do better. so im open for options. I was told paras or REME but im not certain.

Andrew :)
Go Armourer in the REME. :wink: :D

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