First Steam Engine Built In Britain For 60 Years

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Big Kahoona, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. Spotters rejoice. The first steam train to be built in Britain in 50-yrs has rolled out of the Darling Locomotive Works. It's a replica of the A1 Pacific Class, engine number 60163. 8)

    Sadly, the boiler was sourced from Germany.... sad state of our heavy engineering.

    Here's the link so you can she her. :D
  2. Ah, the train-spotters thread!

    You're right about the state of British Heavy Engineering though.
  3. Question is, will it run on time?
  4. But PTP , why is this still in Current Affairs I hear some of you enquire..

    Because I think we're going back to the future, and I think Steam will be an alternative power. source, especially in light of recent events regarding the activities of the energy companies.PROWORD B*stards.

    Any of you who have lived in the Eastern Europe for any time as I have, will remember how apartment blocks were heated?

    And of course, I know a lot of you are fans of the days of Imperial locomotion :D

    Personally I think it wonderful that Britain can still produce individuals and companies capable of such projects :D
  5. True. There were some copper mines down in Cornwall recently reopened because prices had climbed so high, they'd become economically viable again!
  6. Two pits in Wales ahve been reopened.

    This year they're expected to produce 100,000 tons with the full stream production target being 700,000 tons per annum.

    If I remember correctly other pits in the UK are also being inspected for possible reopening.
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  8. Just out of interest, what would be the fuel source for new steam trains? Coal? Fuel made from coal? Oil? Gas?
  9. Much as I luv Steam, I started my working life at English Electrics Loco works at The Vulcan Foundry, Newton-Le- Willows.
    I think the highest efficently ever attained from a steam Loco was only about 8%. Diesels and above all Electric are far cheaper to operate so we will never see them Main Line again, except for Spotter Specials.
  10. One would think they would be able to make power geration by coal much greener these days too, and while expensive it has none of the drawbacks of nuclear power generation.

    perhaps even rejuvenating heavy industry too.
  11. I suppose it's the massive pistons ramming back and forth that appeals! ;)
  12. The electrification of the railways effectively created "remote" steam locomotives. The Coal fired, steam powered, electricity power station generated the electricity to operate the electric railway. The energy source - coal, was (and remains) the same, just the method of getting the power to the wheels changed.

    I'll shut up now.....
  13. Or to put it another way, a class 47 in average condition can wipe the floor with any old kettle any day?

    Got to hand it to these guys, when they started the project they named the loco Tornado as the aircraft was in the news all the time in GW1. Its taken them 20 years to get right and there is a plethroa of other new builds behind them. All in all I think steam specials will be around for quite a while which is good news as even the youngest of BR steam locos is pushing 50 and most spent decades rotting in a seaside scrap yard before preservation (god I love this sh1t Ill shut up now cos it drives the Mrs mad)

  14. Y'know, all you train spotter bashers out there look here! Not only do we enjoy trains, real ones mind, but in the process of celebrating this achievement we've elevated the discussion to Renewable v Traditional energy sources, Rail Privatisation, The wider economy, social security policy, energy security, social cohesion and inclusion and loads of other stuff.

    However, many spotters are being harrassed by the Security Apparatus of the state as they're moved on from stations or have to explain themselves to secuirty guards as to why they are noting down numbers and photographing trains. I mean, C'MON! It's getting out of hand. Does a bloke with a nerdy anorak, thermos flask and matching tartan sandwich case really look like a Jihadi???? Come to think of it, does a causian (or black/ blue or whatever) women with an infant armed with a buggy, two pots of heinz baby food in sealed jars with the feckin' receipts and a couple of cartons, sealed, unopened, baby milk (the same feckin variety that you buy in Boots the other side of the security check area, look like a feckin' Jihadi?

    The country is going to the dogs. But at least we succeeded in building a first class steam engine.
  15. Funnily enough thats why they are building a new Kingsnorth. They want one that meets new targets. Try telling the green lunatics that though...