First Spam political casualty...



PartTimePongo said:
I think Tenet was a political appointment anyway.

However , I don't think the Cousins in the shadows are going to take it lying down.

Like to think he did the decent thng and jacked because the stench was getting to him
Tenet was appointed during the second term of Clinton when he was not otherwise engaged with "thy rod in thy staff." Bush has been out to consult a private lawyer over the Valerie Plame outing (testimony before the federal grand jury is implicating Bush and the man behind the black curtain Carl Rove. The plot, as with the blood in Iraq, is thickening.

Btw, another one bites the dust:
Second top official to quit CIA
The latest move follows the resignation of George Tenet
A second top CIA official is to retire from his post, less than a day after the surprise resignation of the agency's director George Tenet.
I am no fan of the CIA (the closest I ever got was when I visited Bill Sherrill* and family in his home in Virginia one evening for dinner in the late '60 and he pointed out the lights of the agency though the trees through his living room window), however, I think they have been set up to take the fall for Bush for 911 and the false WMD intelligence.
William W. Sherrill
Dallas May 1, 1967 Reappointed in 1968. Resigned Nov. 15, 1971.
It would appear that some of the flack surrounds supposed failures surrounding the lead up to 9/11 (report of the commission due to be published soon?) as well as the WMD issues.

Did they fall or were they pushed?!
I'm sure both have been working extended hours over the past 3 years and must be close to burnout.

Having left intelligence prematurely, I too am now enjoying being able to spend more time with my family, but will proabaly have to wait longer for my invitation to become a non-exec with Halliburton :wink:

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