First Sikhs to guard the Queen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. You'll be safe Ma'am, Sikhs are the best men to have behind a bayonet, so Flashman reported!

    Two Sikh soldiers have become the first of their religion to guard the Queen.

    Signaller Simranjit "Sim" Singh, 26, from Coventry, now based at Colerne in Wiltshire, said: "I feel privileged to have this honour."

    He is joined by Lance Corporal Sarvjit Singh, 28, who was born in India and joined the Army in 2004.

    "My experience being a Sikh on the Queen's Guard is beyond words," he said. "It is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

    Signaller Singh, who is serving with 21 Signal Regiment, became the first Sikh to be given the honour of guarding the Queen, the Army said.

    Family proud

    The soldier usually works in the headquarters of the motor transport department looking after vehicles and radio equipment.

    "My family and friends are very proud of me being in the Army and have been down to watch the ceremony," he said.

    Signaller Singh joined other members of his regiment guarding the Queen in May and will perform the duty for the last time on Friday.

    When L/Cpl Singh, whose brother Ardash also serves in the regiment, learned his unit would be taking part in public duties this summer he quickly volunteered.

    The soldier, based with 3 Regiment Army Air Corps, began guarding the Queen at the beginning of July and will continue the role until the end of August.

    Mounting guard duty is normally carried out by the Guards of the Household Division in their distinctive scarlet tunics and bear skin hats, but when the units are busy with operational duties other regiments step in.

    Turbans, long hair and beards are considered mandatory for Sikh men.

  2. What a pump article.

    He does fcuking what?

    Do they actually listen to what people tell them?
  3. Whooppeee doooooo!!!!!! :party:

    Two sikhs guarding the Queen. :compress:

    Whooppeee doooooo!!!!!! :party:
  4. Ooh look how diverse and non-racist our army is!!!!!!!! Makes you proud to be British (The multi-cultural sort of British that is, not those nasty pre-1997 types.)
  5. I can imagine the scene in Buck House:

    Liz: "How quaint, one is being guarded by Sikhs."

    Phil: "One doesn't care. Just as long as they aren't poofters."
  6. Sikhs are excellent soldiers with a history of loyalty to Britain they were some of the most highly decorated units in the old British Indian Army - good on those young men for volunteering to serve their adopted country - I wish every immigrant group was as loyal to the UK as the Sikh community - and as hard working.

    Well done lads.
  7. So because two sikhs are helping to guard the Queen the whole sikh community is loyal and hard working?

    I'm not knocking them but your post doesn't make sense. I'm sure there are lazy idle cunts in the sikh community as well as those who don't give a flying fuck about the UK or anywhere else. Unless you know otherwise of course.
  8. It's 'whooppee de doooo'!

    Grief man! :roll:
  9. It's Zipideedoodah if you are a Septic and With a Yang a Yang and a Yipideedoo if you are a true Brit :roll:
  10. Quite. I went to India on an official trip not long after Indira Ghandi was assassinated. Not a Sikh in sight when I was presented to the Prime Minister. (Mind you, I was wearing AGC tropical uniform with a rosette'd Falklands ribbon when I was 1 PARA and had not been to the Falklands. But that's another story.)
  11. Been done before by:

    "The man who replaced John Brown in the heart of Queen Victoria was an Indian servant by the name of Abdul Karim. He had arrived to be a khitmagrar - to wait at table but quickly became so powerful in Victoria's affections, that on more than one occasion her Royal Household threatened to resign. Victoria ignored this. Abdul Karin was always at her side assisting in her daily administration with letters and most significantly conversing in Hindi and Urdu".....or 'Ugandan'(its a Private Eye thing)... :wink:
  12. Quite clearly states he was a servant, and so didn't do much guarding. Oh and he was a Muslim not a sikh.
  13. Look at the upside of this. It keeps the PC knobbers off our back until tomorrow.
  14. I wouldn't be so sure on that, after all they wern't female, gay, disabled sikhs were they?