First Sikh turban-wearing guardsman fails drugs test

....if that was the case it would have all been covered up, at least here he's been shown to be as fallible/stupid as all the "TRUE ENGERLAND" soldiers that have been caught and hasn't been given a waver or treated any different to them - which kind of shoots any anti-diversity rant down before it starts...


Give 'em enough rope....


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A post on page ?26 of a thread.

Why on earth don't people read the entirety of every thread before posting??
Maybe because the first time in a month that that particular thread pops up and it's to do with the same lad but in a bad light this time. Possibly.
No more or less news than any other serviceman or woman failing or passing. Or shouldn't be.
I agree except it is the MoD who highlight sh1t like this in the first place. Man with turban joins a regiment in the British Army.


He wasn't the first and won't be he last.

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