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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by gorilla, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. Im applying for my first SGC next week, can someone please enlighten me on a point.

    Im intending to use the shotgun for clay pigeon shooting on camp and therefore will be storing it in the unit armoury, my question is, would i be able to take back up north and use it at clubs during weekends/ leave providing i have a gun cabinet at home on the sames certificate or would i need a separate certificate for use up north?

    And for interests sake, and i know in some circles that its herasy to use them for clay pigeon shooting, im planning on buying a Hatsan Escort Magnum.
  2. Your SGC is your permission to hold the weapons, you are only required to store them securely, it matters not why you want them. You do not require another certificate for another address. If stored in the unit armoury you will need the CO's permission.
  3. Thankyou CQMS, wont have a problem storing the weapons in the unit armoury as i have an existing arrangement for my air rifle.
  4. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    You will need to get the SGC "signed off" against your home address to cover you there and then get your CO's permission to have it stored in the unit armoury.

    If you are planning on storing it in some else's cabinet for more than 24 hours, you may need to get it added to their certificate as well, as I regularly store my Brothers shotgun in my cabinet so his gun is on both of our certificates.
  5. You don't need to register the gun at any other address. The onus however is on you to make sure it is secured while out of the armory. Same rules if you go for a weekend shooting grouse for eg and you are staying in an inn. Look at boot lockers for your car, trigger locks and a cabinet if somewhere regular.

    There are quite a few pubs and hotels who specialise in 'game brigade' customers and have cabinets provided in the rooms. No seperate registration needed as the gun is still registered to the user. The only time you need to re register or additionalise it is if it is kept regulary or for a sustained period in a cabinet that someone else other than the registered keeper has access to.

    Unfortunately, application of the regulations are not consistent accross all the forces so speak to the FEO in the relevant forces to cover your back.
  6. NOt sure about that; the law permits you to lend or borrow a shotgun for 72 hours without the need to inform plod; if you store it in someone else's cabinet for a weekend you are legally deemed to have 'lent' it to them for the period during which they have access to it.
  7. Not too familiar with shotgun rules as I store mine with my firearms. But I’ve always used the phase:

    To be stored in the armoury at (current unit address), (home address), in other approved facilities and in armouries of other units when required.

    This means that the issuing authority cannot put “When not in use the firearm is to be kept in XXX”. Which I have seen a number of times.

    An approved facility is one that meets the ACPO recommendations for the class of weapon e.g. gun safe for firearms etc.
  8. If by north you mean England, Scotland fine. If you are talking about NI then you will need a cert of approval from PSNI to take shotguns or firearms over and then will need somewhere to store your guns which has to be stated on your application for a C of A. Gun shops in NI will store them for you or some one you know with a NI firearms cert but ask first.

    As for hatsan escort lots of second hand ones going cheap. Been told good ones come in batches so I would go for a used one you know has no issues. Not known for reliability though.
    BTW some clubs and grounds frown on semi's and pumps on clays. Mostly due to safety drills. I know you handle stuff every day but the folks around you at clubs don't.
  9. By north i mean Leeds, and to clarify the shotgun cabinet would be kept at my parents address, that said they wouldnt have access to the contents as i would have possession of the keys/ combination. For those of you that store your shotguns in a units armoury, where do you store the ammo?
  10. Unless there is a local policy you are free to possess and store shotgun ammunition wherever you want, you can keep it in a biscuit tin or on the living room table if you want. You do not need a SGC to own ammunition, only to buy it.
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  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Good points by CQMS there. You only need one license regardless of where you store the weapon, usually its the police area you normally reside in. If you have secure storage elsewhere and use it you arent breaking any laws and dont need to inform anyone. Povided you take all reasonable steps to secure the weapon then no court could convict you of negligence should the gun get stolen. An approved cabinet anywhere is reasonable. Leaving the gun in a car and losing the keys isnt! Take reasonable precautions and provided you dont break any UK laws you should have a good time.
  12. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    Well you live and learn. Apologies for my causing some confusion on the thread, it looks like it is my local police force that insists on this rather than something nationally.

    The FLO I spoke to, seemed to be switched on, so it might be some form of belt and braces job.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bollocks More like than switched on, just dont tell them anymore than they need to know, if you change adress permananetly then tell them, apart from that steer clear of them if at all possible!
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  14. Fully agree with CQMS & Ugly.

    As for your choice of gun, a lot of people hate Hatsans with a passion, I've had one for three years and have had no more problems with it than any other semi-auto Ive had. In my opinion they're a good all round gun.
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  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If it works and isnt hideously ugly then its probably a good enough gun!