Does anyone know if there has been a change to the first setting up home policy, there use to be a paragraph in the regs that said no disturbance allowance when first setting up home.
07.0110. Mid-assignment Moves. DA is only payable for mid-assignment
moves where the move of accommodation is for Service, compassionate, welfare or
medical reasons or where the Service person’s accommodation entitlement changes
(other than as a result of first setting up home). Mid-assignment moves for other
personal reasons and for operational deployments do not give an entitlement to DA

Hope this helps.
how can you read that any differently to 'No'?
missmoneypenny5445 said:
A few of us have read this paragraph and everyone is reading it differently, some are saying yes and some are saying no, what is the answer??? many thanks
OK if a soldier gets married during a posting his entitlement to accom changes from SLA to SFA. However as it is "first setting up of home" then this change of entitlement does not attract disturbance allowance.

If the service person is moving from SLA to SFA on assignment however then there is entitlement to DA. This quite obviously is not a mid-tour move!
I'm single and have just purchased a property which I intend to occupy when I start my next assignment in a few weeks (I have been planning this a while, I haven't just bought a property at the weekend!). Because it is my 'first setting up of home linked to an assignment (as opposed to deciding mid-assignment to move out from SLA into a private property), I am eligible for DA. I made sure of my entitlement by running my scenario past the PACC in Glasgow, who deal with allowance-related casework regularly. IF the assignment which follows my next one means I have to move elsewhere and not reside in my property, as a singly I would be back in the mess or equivalent. I would NOT be eligible for DA if by some fluke I was later assigned back close by and chose to occupy it again.
You can't have Disturbance Allowance when first setting up home. That has been true for decades.

I don't understand why we penalise young, newly married couples in that way but those are the rules.

The only way around this is to become an MP and be paid a lot of money to set up a second home in London and furnish it from the John Lewis catalogue.

You can now, but as long as there is an assignment order ordering you to move in writing. IE If you are in the middle of your current assignment and get married you cannot get it for moving into another form of accn.

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