First Sea Lord goes begging....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Just breaking on BBC1 & R4. Apparently, the Royal Navy is broke and cannot afford to put to sea.

    Sounds like the rest of us..... broke that is!

  2. hes just afraid of the water..
  3. Just saw something similar on Rum Ration and posted this.

    1SL's Press Release 16 Feb 07

    Sounds a bit like 'oh no I didn't'. 'Oh yes you did'. I'd like to hear the version being referred to.
  4. No mention of this on BBC News or even following a search of the BBC News website.

    Have the MOD and Government cleaners been in?

  5. According to BBC1 @ 1815hrs, he wants "two carriers and £1Bn" in order to support the Government's interventionist policies around the world.

    I think this year's spending review is quite bloody!


    Edited to add the reference.
  6. Switch on your hearing aid, Hellfyr! LOL

  7. RAF chief next, I give it 4 weeks.

    Has Dannat made any more public statements since his knuckle rapping?
  8. Now You are just assuming that He had His knuckles wrapped aren't You evey
  9. Oh dear, and how laughed when the Russian Navy was in the same position...
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Of course he's had his knuckles rapped. I'm not aware of his complaints being dealt with in any other more productive manner.

    As for the First Sea Lord - good for him.

    The RAF bods have got their new toys, so they haven't got any reason to complain.

    Just as a matter of interest, is the First Sea Lord expecting to fight any sea battles in the next couple of years? Just asking.
  11. Yup, I'm drinking my second of a number of Pelforth Blonde beers. I'm full of beer, p*ss and assumptions. :)

    I respect him greatly for his words, I would guess that he's been told to button his lip. If he's lucky he'll stay in position, if he's unlucky he'll be removed on a bad news day.
  12. Just in case some of you are still searching...

    Navy needs extra £1bn - Admiral
    The head of the Royal Navy has warned that the service needs another £1bn to meet future foreign policy demands.
    Admiral Sir Jonathan Band appealed for the cash - a third of the navy's annual operating budget - to spend on new ships, at a journalists' briefing.
    BBC defence correspondent Paul Wood said Sir Jonathan told reporters the navy "doesn't come for nothing". Last year the Army's head, Gen Sir Richard Dannatt, claimed his troops were "at the limit of their capacity".
    'Special asset'
    Paul Wood said Sir Jonathan had claimed Britain faced a choice between remaining as a first division sea-going nation or, as the officer put it, turning into Belgium. With the government committed to an active foreign policy, the extra cash was essential to safeguard future capabilities and deliver an extra two aircraft carriers, he believed.
    "The navy is a very special asset, and if you want to use it, it doesn't come for nothing," he told the journalists. "We're at a scale now that requires a certain amount of investment to maintain.
    "You can't do deterrence unless you are a really professional outfit."
    Sir Jonathan also said that he had raised the issue privately with the prime minister and the chancellor.

    He summarised his position to journalists: "Give me two carriers and just less than a billion and I will be off your back, a happy boy". He was not warning of an immediate collapse in the navy nor of any threat to the UK's ability to keep ships at sea. But he is not the first senior officer to make an appeal for more resources to help meet the demands made of the services.
    New ships
    His remarks follow an earlier intervention from Sir Richard in September 2006. The head of the Army said his troops could only "just" cope with their commitments. During a speech in Plymouth in January, Prime Minister Tony Blair committed the forces to the fight against global terrorism and the alliance with the US.

    The Ministry of Defence said the navy had been given 28 new ships in the past decade.

    In a statement issued later through the MoD, Sir Jonathan insisted he was not criticising present funding levels but wanted to inform the debate about future funding of the armed forces. "As the prime minister has said, if we as a nation are to extend what our Armed Forces can do, the public needs to feel comfortable with the economic choices needed to make that happen," he said.

    Pasted from

    Funny how the MOD don't mention what has been scrapped, sold off, paid off or put into mothballs.

    Time for Bliar to take a reality check.
  13. What's worse is this stupidity of Drayson's that ownership of defence contractors does not matter. If the Americans and French buy up British defence firms there will be no prospects for engineering graduates in Britain. Smiths Industries is now GE - what happens if BAe merges with Boeing and Rolls-Royce with Pratt & Whitney ?
  14. Good on Jonny Band! He's a top bloke to work for as well.

    Now all we need is for the RAF to kick up a storm over an antiquated AT Fleet...
  15. Please don't turn us into Belgians I really couldn't grow the "tash"