First RTC Weekend Altcar

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bad_JJ, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Hi all

    i have got my first RTC weekend at altcar away this weekend and i was wondering what im going to be doing.

    also need to know what i need to take iv asked my CO but he wernt much help at all

    thanks James
  2. Ask you PSI :D
  3. Take all the kit you have been issued, make sure you have been issued everything that is on the kit list that has been sent to your unit.

    Make sure that your belt kit has been put together and it fits you correctly as you'll be wearing it from more or less the start. most of w/e 1 is weapon training with some lectures thrown in and PT for the hell of it.

    Learn the badges of rank and how to address the holders of said rank.

    Iron your second set of combats as well and take them in a suit hanger for the Sunday.
  4. ... if the syllabus is the same as the one at my RTC - which it almost certainly will be - you'll do some fitness, have some non-demanding lessons and spend a night in the field.

    Make sure you take all of your kit, despite whatever your unit tells you. Take wash and shave kit, spare shreddies / socks, a few £ in case. You'll also need a sense of humour.

    Its the beginning of a great adventure, enjoy it.
  5. ^ what Boxy and Bravo_Bravo said....... but best add a few extra's.

    Forget getting a Big Feckoff Knife

    bring Haribo, LOTS of Haribo


    a thermos flask

    And a 20 deck of ....
  6. why have i been censored?????? :x
  7. Because you live in the USSR under a dictator? :D
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    i was showing a duty of care , arta guidelines :D
  9. ARTD even?
  10. Take a notepad and couple of pens, make sure its waterproofed somehow .. small sarnie bags are great for this ..
    come to think of it .. weekend one os in the field .. water proof you kit as well .. looks like it gonna be a wet one ..
  12. It depends if RTC Altcar is up to speed and going with the revised CTP......w/e 1 is no longer in the field, Icebreaker is now in the more sensible place on w/e 2. If you take everything as has been stated then you'll have all you need, plus like LVH said haribo, smokes (if you do) and, to use my new phrase, any boo hoo kit...toilet roll would be a good one.
    Notebook pens and pencils are all on the kit list as is a padlock.

    We check the SuT kit on w/e 1 just to monitor what their units are doing kitwise and how they are treating the SuT, any trend that forms with diffy kit a memo goes to ITG and onwards....
  13. A Very good one, was at Altcar not long ago and I dont think they have heard of toilet paper ..
  14. liner issued at the unit i serve........
    great saying issued, but he hasnt even been given pt kit? so not got all kit that he will need 8O
  15. [quote="red_square".......
    great saying issued, but he hasnt even been given pt kit? so not got all kit that he will need 8O[/quote]

    That's what the kit check is all about...if its not been issued, which it should have been then its noted, if it forms a trend.....but if it isn't issued then the SuT has to bring their own.

    On the back of the joining instructions is a kit list which is to be signed by the stores person or recruiting team saying the SuT kit has been checked and is present, if it isn't we know who to name.