Discussion in 'Gunners' started by bad_JJ, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Hi all

    i have got my first RTC weekend at altcar away this weekend and i was wondering what im going to be doing.

    also need to know what i need to take iv asked my CO but he wernt much help at all

    thanks James
  2. all your kit esp your issue pt kit................
  3. i havent bin issued any pt kit yet shall
  4. you need to get that sorted tue night..........

    pt kit a must bring item. :D

    AND issue trainers NOT canvas drinking type !!!!!!!!!!!!! :x
  5. ok

    have u got a rough idea what il be doing at the weekend?

  6. yes :D
  7. and that would be???
  8. sweating, learning, and a lot more sweating.............. :D
  9. hardy har!
  10. Ignore Red Square, he is a bit of a dick.

    You'd get more replies if you ask this Q in the TA Forum.

    HOWEVER... if the syllabus is the same as the one at my RTC - which it almost certainly will be - you'll do some fitness, have some non-demanding lessons and spend a night in the field.

    Make sure you take all of your kit, despite whatever your unit tells you. Take wash and shave kit, spare shreddies / socks, a few £ in case. You'll also need a sense of humour.

    Its the beginning of a great adventure, enjoy it.
  11. thanks bravo bravo il re-post now
  12. Dont forget tent pegs, your rifle lessons will be intense, a lot to take in and they are demanding unless you have done it before.

    I am boring my self now, just turn up, with all your kit, and go for it.
  13. If Altcar is anything like other RTC's you do not need to take issued trainers which are sh1te. Take proper trainers that you normally run in and suit you; unless the PTI's are completely **** (v likely) no dramas.

  14. ok ok, tip up in your adidas samba or other similar types, dont say i did try to help you.........

    you will have a good time and you will learn loads :D

  15. p.s
    roll mat
    sleeping bag and liner
    bivy bag
    good things to take along
    :D :D :D :D