First record you bought was ... ??

I remember my first record was 'Fox on the Run' by 'Sweet'. :oops:

(And yes, by that time it was records and not CDs. :lol: )

I had a good look around and used the search function, but I think this hasn't been done so far.
Sorry, if I'm mistaken.


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Showaddywaddy "A little bit of soap" :oops:
The Sex Pistols- Great Rock'n' Roll Swindle. I later swapped it with my mate Beefy for the Specials' Gangsters, I believe I traded wisely.


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I seem to recall a waxed cylinder, with Issy Bonn singing 'Come into the garden Maude'.

However, when I got my Dansette, as opposed to the wind-up gramaphone, I bought 'One night/I've been stung' a double a side by Elvis Presley.
First vinyl: Prince Charming (the album) by Adam & the Ants.
First C.D.: The Best of Motorhead
No idea what my first tapre was. Probably something by Michael "I don't touch kids, honest" Jackson, or even worse Kylie Minogue.
:oops: 8O :oops:


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saintstone said:
B_AND_T said:
YesItsMe said:
saintstone said:
B_AND_T said:
Showaddywaddy "A little bit of soap" :oops:
I got "Three steps to heaven" :oops:
I got 'Under the moon of love' (which is definitely worse). :oops:
I have got 5 albums at home. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
Hahahahahaha, are you a Teddy Boy walt ??
Not a walt I'm afraid, however a grey quiff just doesn't look right.

I've still got my drape somewhere though.
1st - What A Waste by Ian Drury & the Blockheads.

2nd - Sound of the Suburbs by the Members (on clear vinyl)

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