First 'pure' RLC RSM?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by postman_twit, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. 17 years on from amalgamation, how close is the first 'pure' RLC RSM/Corps RSM or has it already happened?

  2. Current CRSM was the first RLC RSM. Top bloke.
  3. Didn't know the CRSM full full blue RLC. He is indeed a top bloke.
  4. I'll 3rd the above comments.Know him from when he was an SQMS. Sound as a pound.
  5. Second tour WO1 at 17 years. Bet you couldn't see him for dust!
  6. RLC Corps RSMs are selected for commission, when they eventully wear Captain rank, Senority is from the day he took over as CRSM, so really an LE Captain by his 17 year point.
    I've been tabbing with him around Sennelager indeed I couldnt see him for dust.
  7. Valid Point you mate their P-T but would a pte that joind in the April 0f 1993 really be a WO1 after 17 years? Depends on how much he or she (as a should say ma Stick man is a chick) has been liked by previous OC's to get promoted that fast.
  8. See above posts Dazlar. They seem to think the CRSM is a bon oeuf!

    At some point a nobber is found out, even if it's as a WO1 pushing for commission. At that point Officers suddenly realise they might have to socialise with them!

  9. He has done the AAPC, last year he did the Gore trophy (there was a shortage of WO1s there for some reason), His Mess almost to a man said he was the best RSM they had ever served under. I think he was an instructor for the AAPC (I might me wrong in which case he still definatly has instructor quals) He might well have been lucky with his OC's but he has certainly done the work to go with it.
  10. Theres a trend developing where CRSM's are getting thinner, each time a new one is appointed he is about a stone lighter than the previous one.

    Coincidentally they also appear to shed their hair the lighter they get!!!
  11. Nig!

    Nice guy though.
  12. Well I have never met any of the CRSM's so i really cant comment on that sort of stuff like!!
  13. As I swapped my RAOC cap badge after leaving Deepcut and the CRSM was there at the same time I was I believe he might not be true blue RLC but will happily be corrected. (just remember PERSEC)
  14. Not so sure about PERSEC, I've found most preceding CRSM's on Google but I can't find one that relates to now. If anyone feels like PM'ing me a name . . . . :pl:
  15. Are you after one of the possible answers for the Gore Trophy?