First Public Military Civil Partnership

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PompeySailor, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. I know it's in the Sun, but God, am I glad it's not a sailor!

    First Military Civil Partnership

    On the positive side, his ex-missus looks quite tidy, and if he is off with his boyfriend, she is up for consolation......

    The most confusing bit is that he announced to her he was gay within 3 weeks of the wedding in 1994, but he still managed to force his alter-ego back into the closet enough times to father 3 children!

    I believe the first non-public military civil partnership was Lt Cdr Whatshisface MBE......for services involving whining loudly that no-one took him seriously when all he wanted was to be an oppressed minority!
  2. I think its wonderful and a fine example of diversity and tolerance within the new Bliar model army, only question is, which one wears the wedding dress?
  3. At the risk of a cyber-pounding from the residents of the NAAFI Bar, all I can say is Congratulations and good luck to both of them, and I hope that he doesn't get to much hassle from the rest of the guys in his unit.
  4. Hassle from the other guys? In the Royal Anglicans? Catch yourself on!

    Fair play to him for going public but cynically speaking the Army will probably fast-track his promotions now to avoid any suggestion of discrimination!
  5. Onward Christian soldiers?

  6. Not bitter or nothing but I might have a go at that.

    I'm a gay, black muslim.......

    Manning and Records would fcuking sh1t themselves!
  7. What does he mean by "From top to bottom, they have been brilliant." Is he talking about how supportive the MOD have been or how his sexual conquests within the ranks have been!!! :lol:
  8. Probably a combination of both....
  9. The scum as ever are wrong. A mate of mine a Sgt married her long-term partner on the 21st of December (the first day of civil partnership in England).

    The local paper published a lovely picture but they were the only media to cover the event. Some top media people did offer to cover the event but were turned down by the happy couple.

  10. It isn't a marriage, it's a Civil partnership. Personally it makes me want to throw up, but each to their own. His missus looks decent, anyone got her number?
  11. Sorry mate too late. I've been banging Andy's Misses since he first went to Iraq.
  12. Good on yer. She's going to need emotional therapy after her bad time. And what happened with her husband :)
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Am I the only one here who twigged to the planted quote about how the Army have supported him?

    “From top to bottom, they have been brilliant.”

    This is the best quote from the Sun in years.
  14. I reckon the bloke had deliberated over his decision for some time. God luck to him. Shame on his missus though being dumped with three kids.

    As for the two lesbians , at 18 and 19 yrs of age, I doubt it will last. How many successful marriages have you seen between hetros of that age group? Nothing but a silly wee girls publicity stunt. I would hate to be living in a quarter next to them. The 'domestics' will be plentiful and the Quarter will just be used as a place for their mates to party.

    God help the neighbours.