First Private address RESPOD Question

Hi Clever People
Can someone clear this up for me please.
I move out of quarters into private house
I want to claim for travelling expenses (say 40 mile each way)
Im not on JPA yet

How much will i get? what is it called? What forms do i need? etc etc

(someone said i only get a small amount 'cos its a first claim or something)
Help greatly appreciated as usual
Depends on circumstances. If you are moving on posting you will be entitled to RILOR (Recompende in lieu of Relocation) at a maximum of 19 mile rate. If you are subsequently posted again and do not move house you can claim up to 50 miles each way. All RILOR rates are abated by an amount (9 miles each way I believe) which the system believes is the average commute for the civil sector.

If you are moving mid posting you are restricted to whatever you claimed beforehand - ie the RESPOD mileage you received.

Hope that helps.

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