Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Irongron, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. Hi there. I'm currently applying to the Int Corps. I got the correct BARB results test and passed the two interviews. I'm now training my ass off for the 1.5m run.

    But enough about that. I hear after the 14 week training and the six months at Chicksands, your first posting is to Northern Ireland or Germany. Now my question is - and if this defiles OPSEC then please delete this mail - but while you're in Germany or the North, do you gather intelligence on what's going on in Iraq or Afghanistan or is it just gathering stuff on dissident republicans while you're in the North and neo-Nazis (for example) while you're in Germany?
  2. I see your career in the Corps as a long and distinguished one. Director? The glass is dark...
  3. It's not often I comment on posts like this but you already put yourself on the radar quite significantly a while back, didn't you, with your posts about signing up to certain political parties based in the north of an island not that far from Liverpool. And it wasn't the Isle of Man.

    I don't know your background or motivation for these occasional sojourns into this forum. But they're a little bit odd. And the presence of the unusual is likely to attract attention around here. (There are a handful of odd characters looking for people just like you......)

    Just a tip.

    Whoever you are.

    PS - Ass is a quadruped of horse genus with long ears, of the donkey family. Training your family pet will be of no assistance in being selected for the Corps, or indeed most parts of the British Army, with the possible exception of the Cavalry.
  4. I've just looked up your posting history on this site, irongrod.
    Can I suggest that you get yourself to your nearest Corps TA unit in whatever working time they welcome public queries such as yours, and get a little discussion going with someone who can answer your worries? That or call your nearest ACIO and ask for a meeting with a Corps representative, or whatever means the Corps uses these days to communicate with potential entrants.

    I do feel that you're more likely to get the answers you need that way than this.
  5. i refer you back to my answer on your previous post. why are you still wasting your time and everybody else's? go apply to join something else.

    there are some good people in the corps with interesting irish links. but i'm not aware of any who have ever joined sinn fein. so get real.

    by the way, please don't feel discriminated against.

    we don't take anyone from al queda either.
  6. :rofl:
  7. by the way, i know we are all supposed to be fat knackers but we don't do a 1.5 metre run. :)
  8. You need to be more discreat on the web mate!
  9. What spooks me Charlotte is that you're posting again and you're acting like you've never done it before. "Hi there"? We know who you are as just pointed out by CR and... what was it? You joined Sinn Fein.... :rofl:

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

    Take your scrawny student ass (quadruped or otherwise) and get fcuked!
  10. And... What the fuck?
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Typical day:

    0630: alarm goes off. Think about getting up and going for run. Press snooze button.

    0640: press snooze button again.

    0650: press snooze button again.

    0700: think about pressing snooze button again but realise that need to urinate supersedes desire to stay in bed.

    0702: urinate, defecate, shower, shave; pick CS95 up from floor and consider whether to iron it - decide against; dress.

    0705: take Brufen for nagging hangover.

    0712: arrive at breakfast. Briefly consider healthy muesli and fresh fruit option before loading plate with egg, bacon, sausages, fried bread, black pudding, with a dollop of healthy baked beans for fibre.

    0715: get coffee.

    0718: get more coffee.

    0721: get more coffee.

    0725: go outside for first cigarette of the day, cough up docker's omelette the size of a soup plate. Feel better.

    0732: go back to accommodation, brush teeth, collect daysack.

    0740: cycle in to office.

    0750: arrive at office, get brew on.

    0800 - 1030: paint vehicles.

    1030-1100: Naafi break.

    1100-1230: paint more vehicles.

    1230-1350: lunch.

    1400: briefing from M.

    1415: catch train with beautiful, mysterious Treasury official to luxury Montenegran casino.

    1900: shag beautiful, mysterious Treasury official.

    1903: kill two marauding bad guys.

    1905: put on dinner jacket.

    1910-2230: play high stakes 'Texas hold 'em' against sinister terrorist banker. Clean him out.

    2245-2315: get captured and genitally tortured by sinister terrorist banker. Escape and kill him. Shag beautiful, mysterious Treasury official again.

    2320: Learjet back to barracks.

    2345: bed.

    Obviously, not every day is like this. Sometimes you might be asked to stick some maps together for a forthcoming exercise or help with a stores check. You may even get a slack day when you can spend some time posting on Arrse, or even reading the 'recruiting' sticky above in which this question has been answered - as far as is possible - on a number of occasions.
  12. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  13. don't be so modest. i think you've hit the nail on the head for a typical day at 14 Sigs (well, up to lunchtime anyway :))
  14. Futher to cp's post, I'd like to refer back to one made some moons ago that still hold true to this day and still tickles me.. !

  15. Sounds like some of the guys in 47.