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What is the general opinion of soldiers getting first postings to a unit that is near their home town. I am serving at a UK based unit and the amount of soldiers who are here that live with their parents because they managed to get posted here is unbelievable. Funny old thing, you try posting them to Germany in 2-3 years time and they aren't interested. If they can't get an extention then they sign off. Well balls to 'em, let them go!. Surely it can't be that difficult for Records or Blandford to make sure that first tour soldiers aren't effectively posted to their home town, can it? Those who get first postings near home see the Army as just another job that gets in the way of their social life. They want 9-5, Mon-Fri hours on Army pay rates.

It's got to be sorted; soonest.
Too right mate. I reckon going to germany first is a good thing. I mean whats the point of joining the army if your gonna go home to mummy every weekend. I find units in germany are more close than units in uk. Come the weekend all the lads in the block go out on the piss together and generally become better mates. But in the uk everyone fucks off home on friday nights so the camp is a ghost town except for people on guard and those people who are posted miles away from home.
I agree with disney, a first posting away certainly helps a young soldier break the apron strings, and forge better bonds with his Army mates. I would imagine that if a soldier is posted near their home town for a first posting, they would be much less likely not to commit to a full career. They would keep to a certain extent to their civilian way of life, which would make service life that much harder when they finally have to go away.
In reply to dino. You can ask for where you get posted to next by asking for a preference posting. This is where you get 3 choices. But you wont always get them. Unless you have a good reason like if someone was qualified as an instructor they could go to a training regiment. Or if someone likes working on armour then they could go to an armoured unit. Some people ask for a certain area ie: uk north, northern ireland.
So if you get your preference posting then your a happy chappy. If not then you just have to crack on son.
We might get someone on here to disagree with us soon because i'm with you guys.

I reckon as many trainees as possible should be posted to germany for their first tour. If after three years they still hate it then at least they have tried but you start getting someone who's been in UK for their whole career to go to Germany, or even NI!

'No boss, don't make me go! I still have to see mummy/childhood sweetheart/my loser mates back home every weekend'

You joined the Army! Get out of the UK and see the world...

Rant over.
My first posting was a regiment in the UK. And it really did me no harm!
However as people have said that, a hell of alot of people tend to sign off as soon as there is a whisper of getting posted to say Germany. And agian most people serving in the uk go home first thing on a Friday night. There is however a small minority who tend to go out all weekend getting hammered.
I then got a posting to germany, 7 sigs. And in contrast ive never had such an easy time at a regiment. we exercise about 2 times a year, where as in the uk it was at least once a month!! Whilst on exercise in germany our lads or lasses have completed not one stag, but in the uk we were doing them 24 hours a day.
And in my troop alone most of the baby soldiers sign off after there first posting...
So personally i think that it was alot better getting posted to the uk first unless its a posting to 1 div on armour!!!
guys i agree with you totally. im currently at a unitin the midlands and the amount of guys who bomb-burst out of the camp gates at half one on a friday is unreal. camp is deserted apart from pads.

then theres the old one of " you cant post me away from home, ive just bought a house! / ive just got engaged". so what, no one made you. my first posting was to london and it used to take me at least 5 hours to go home, consequently the guys in the sqn used to stay and hang around together. it built really strong unit cohesion, something which is sadly lacking in some places. i understand that the corps will send us where it likes and they should accept that but these kids really need to learn that you will not get every weekend off and that being posted half an hour away from home and mummy for 22 years is not going to happen. god i sound like an old man. :roll:

get out and see some of the world.

IS Ski Geek

War Hero
Had my first posting to Germany.

Did not ask for it but got it. I was a bit dissapointed at first but when I got there I had the time of my life. Learned my trade, great social life and loads of adventure training.

Since then Manning and receords seem to have given my the area of Operations I have asked for but not neccesaraly the rigth unit. cant really grumble there. They try to keep everyone happy but can only give what is available at the time.

Have noticed though that foreign postings seem to give me a better quality of life and experience. Though it is not for everyone.
If you want to get a job where you can stay close to mummy and all your school mates go to McDonalds and flip burgers. You don't join the Army to stay in Blighty for your whole career. What if there is an Op or all out war? Do you really think you can stay at home?

Get real guys, let go of the apron strings and get out there. The money's better overseas, cheap petrol, cheap beer...what more could you want? If you like getting ripped off in the UK then there's something wrong with you.

I agree, however, there are so many old sweats who are trying to get posted home, that this rubs off on our future good guys. Dont forget the reduction on overseas bases sees the availability of Home Only postings increase. I am sure that a lot of these first post soldeirs would retour if they only knew the how good geeros was.
It was really wierd for me.

I joined the Army to see the world. I came from just outside Edinburgh and did my training at Glencorse Bks (just outside Edinburgh). After training I was posted to Redford Bks (in Edinburgh).

My God I joined to get AWAY from home!! A bloody waste of time getting a to laugh though!

On my first posting couldnt wait to get away from home, two sprogs in my troop said they would be horrified to be posted to Germany, to which one old and bold NCO said well what the F**k did you join for then. Even thou all the troop had been to Germany and told them of the bonus points of being there, Apparently the main thing is "what about my girlfriend". What a load of B*****ks, get to a whore house. :evil:
I am sure like many of us, before we joined seen the adverts for the Army, and how glamourous it looked, and even seen the classic 'to be frank join the army', as he is walking down the beach in Cyprus with some chick. It does make you think these people who have the misconception that the army will bow to there every whim on postings, just so they can be near there best mate who they went school with , who works at the local drive through, on therer real motives on why they joined in the first place.
As the reduction even further of the troops contiinues, then operational postings to cover the gaps will increase, meaning more time away. The best way of gettingguys use to this is to start them when they first join and send them on a overseas posting, to somewhere, Germany, N.I and such like. I agree as with the rest of you, it does go to make a better life, and you make better mates there, and the unit bonds as a whole. for those who just want to stay at home and brag to there mates about being in the forces, surely the TA woould have suited them better?
Heres a question though does this not all steem from the attitude of the forces have changed to be a bit more lapse, hence the mummys boys arent being shoved out of Basic training anymore?
One of the problems seems to be the ease at which these people can get their seniors and Officers to react to their every whim. A posting order is simply that; AN ORDER!! (it is not a request) If anybody in my unit does not like where they are posted to (or Elmpt for that matter) I ask them for a VALID reason. I will NEVER contact MCM DIV unless I have unquestionable proof that there is a REAL reason, and this normally requires confirmation from the AWS. Without this I F*** them off.

Everybody in my unit know the score, and they refrain from bothering me with futile requests to return to be near mummy.




Well said CO. Too many people have social preferences rather than genuine reasons to ask for home postings. Personally anywhere away from home lets me see more of the world - only 1 UK posting since 1994 and grateful for every day abroad (when in the same country as the family!). Youngsters need to experiance the Army overseas early.
My first posting was in the UK and this did me no harm, however, i believe that a posting away from the UK helps with the development of friendships and loyalty. If you're in the UK then it is too easy to return to Mums & Dads and get your washing done for you at the weekend. Since i have been in Germany i forged strong friendships because we don't tend to go home of a weekend and that time is spent in the NAAFI with your mates.

I also believe that a tom from the factory should be posted to an Armd Bde for a first posting as this develops the understanding of what a hard days graft is and also skill fade is reduced due to the training cycle that Bde goes through during a three year rotation.

These circumstances cannot be met for all individuals however RSS should be more encouraging when posting individuals to BFG.

Bye Bye for now..................................................
I loved my first posting to Germany, I agree with the majority of the board that it does help to cut the so-called apron strings. I am shocked when I speak to sprogs about their first postings and so many want to be posted near their homes. Why join the Army?
I totaly aggree, every posting I have had has been oversees mainly germany. I truly believe that soldiers out of trg should be posted as far from mummy as possible, to a proper field unit i.e Armour not a cushty sunshine posting to some Embasy or comcen. That way they get a glimpse at what the Army is really like.
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