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First postings

hello, after Phase 2b, what are the chances of a RE: Carpenter & Joiner getting posted to 24 or 59 commando for a first posting ?



Look in the Sticky thread at the top of the Board.

Then just get yourself through Phase 1, 2a and 2b, and volunteer for Cdo Training. It is too far out to predict inflow/outflow, but if you are keen to go (and you pass the selection course, which is more than just a little speed bump) you will get there. 24 Cdo Regt is currently due to morph back into a large Indep Cdo Sqn in due course, but in reality it doesn't lose too many blokes. You can also get Cdo trained in the EOD stream.

yeah your right at this point i will focus on getting through Phase 1, 2a and 2b, and if and when i get to the point of choosing il just wack down 24/59 commando and let it go from there. :-D also didn't know EOD had there own commando engineers so i shall look into that.

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