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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by short_ass_kim, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. hey, im still in training at RSS and have just been told im bein posted to 628 troop in elmpt..i have 9weeks to go an no one seems to know much about the place..can u help?
  2. You will go to Afganistan.

    You will get you hands on lots of good NEW Kit, Cisco routers , new PABX's, New(ish)fibre kit . Might get a few civie quals or a few from NATO.

    Suck it up and enjoy.
  3. Interesting, I've not got anyone down as being posted in till Feb. If our are Sig R********** we aren't expecting you till April. I'll have to wait till I get your posting order.

    old_bloke, does the gestapo joke mean anything to you?

    I concur with old_bloke, and the FofS cannot wait for you to show up. (Yes he reads this as well).

    PM me for the full gen on the Tp. It is fully the best unit I have served with. Busy but with a good craic. don't listen to any of the shite about 280.
  4. Considering that I had just left the mess when I wrote that, I cannot believe how much sense it made. Wonders never cease.

    SAK, what trade are you?
  5. So, we'll see you at the end of the month then?
  6. Shortass: Whilst your first missive is informative I suggest you to start to use the function keys on your computer.Also learn basic English and Grammer. This may lead to erudite and sensible replies.

  7. Hmm, try brushing up on your grammar as well!
  8. bwaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha, oh the ferkin irony of it. :oops: :oops: :oops: :lol: 8O
  9. OY, I thought my posts was sensible, ESPECIALLY, as already mentioned, I had just left the mess.

    I don't know, bloody yeoman, grumble, grumble.........
  10. 1st NATO Signal Battalions Finest. You may find that you actually live inb Brunssum if you are a singlie.
  11. No. We haven't moved. The last thing I heard was the move was late '09, but every time someone mentions it, it has gone back 6 months. We are still in Elmpt and still no firm plans to move.
  12. LOL..

  13. I am leaving the RSS and I have not yet heard anything about my posting which is also in elmpt with 7 sigs.
  14. So why post in this thread?