First posting without my other half!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by angelcakes, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. ive recently been posted to 7 bde straight frm Blandford and ive been with my boyfriend for a year and half now! we both put exactly the same postings down and he got 16 sigs (if they cud post us as far away as possible in germany they have!)ive also only jus turned 18 so it seems even harder i dont kno how 2 get thru these 3 years with jus seeing him at the weekend, im also going to iraq in nov this year which is anuva spanner in the works! is ther ne1 who can give me any advice it wud b much appreciated!
    thanx :?
  2. Apart from get used to it and smile back at the ones who did it,being apart will happen a lot no matter what you try to organise to stop it happening, no help I know just don't get wound up about it.
  3. thanx alot it is advice!
  4. itll happen over and over, my other half is serving too, weve been married for 30 months, during that time Ive been to Bosnia, Sierra Leone and Iraq, plus leave relief to NI and Gibraltar, my wife has been to Kuwait and is now in Iraq.
    Get used to it.
  5. Nothing to advise but "Get used to it!"
  6. I know it isn't going to be easy, but with the amount of ways you can communicate with people these days e-mail, telephone, snail mail, fax, text etc your other half will never be far away.

    Get out, don't stay in moping and the time will soon pass. :D

  7. Long goodbyes,happy home comings, plenty of leave, broadband chit chats, don't feel low there are advantages.
  8. The ansewer is simple. As you're only 18 bin him and find someone else.

    That sounds cold but the reality is that:

    a. You'll be cheating on him within a few weeks and

    b. If he's 18 too i guarantee that he'll be cheating on you in a few weeks

    That's life Jim, just as it is
  9. E_1,

    Surely not all people away from lust ones are tempted to cheat? :wink:


    Just think of all those great 'welcome back' moments. They almost make it all worthwhile! :lol:

    Just don't let him find out what you're really up to! He'll do the same and then everyone's a winner! :lol:
  10. ride that single posting pony , yeeeeeeeeehah !
  11. SD

    You're a devious one. "Not everyone is tempted to cheat" "If you are just don't tell him"

    Mind you, welcome back moments are cool i have to say.


    You're young so enjoy yourself whatever you do :)
  12. Ah, youth :!: It's there to be enjoyed to the fullest :lol:

    At your age it's always wise to keep your options open :wink:
  13. And not just your option ;-)
  14. If you love him that much then marry him!! You can then get posted together. Its hardly rocket science.
  15. Oh great! Marry young and quick, leave loads of time for suffering then go out cheating when on tour (him/her it's optional). Solicitors fee's, CSA and a headache!