First posting.. suggestions?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Recon_Alpha, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. Straight out of Phase 2, better OPINT or CI as first posting?

    Ticking my selections 6 weeks from now..
  2. Do what you least enjoy first, then you have something to look forward too!!

    But you never know you might enjoy your first posting more than you think like i did
  3. I would also say if you single go to Germany
  4. If single definately Germany. If you can either Osnabruck or Herford. JHQ is not so great, usually praised by those who are there but they don't seem to have the same experience of the German culture/nightlife. If you are married then get to a section in England. Do not bother with NI, it's shutting down.

    Another way of looking at things is if you want to deploy with an entire section find out which Brigade is going and where. If you want to go it alone get to a sy section.

    If you want a suntan, go to Cyprus.

    With any choice just remember to have a good time and make sure the Section has a bar!

    God bless the Corps!!
  5. Feck germany off, the AB or CDO sections will sort you right out.

    Or failing that get to NI before they stop dishing out medals and extra pay for it!
  6. he'll have to be quick, only 17 months to go :)
  7. Thanks all. appreciate it. Had a quick look over the Intelligence 'cliches' thread.. funny stuff! They do still teach most of those sayings!
  8. Bloody hell, better get there quick, there's no way I'm doing another 6 months on Telic to get my ACSM!
  9. qualified for mine over a year ago, just got handed it last week. ah, the medals office. almost as good as NTL. i love NTL, the stupidest company on the planet. when i didnt pay my phone bill on time one month, they SUBTRACTED it from the following months bill, and thus asked for just £7 instead of £150+. and their uniquely incompetent computer system meant they couldnt even find me on there when i phoned up :)
  10. Germany. Cheap car, cheap fuel, cheap booze, Amstrerdam, Hamburg, LSSA when you go on UK course (over 10 days naturally).

    Don't get me wrong there disadvantages ie you can't go home every weekend but hey, who cares.

    Germany, no arguement for a single first tour.
  11. but it's full of Germans! though you have got top location for the world cup, admittedly...
  12. Bless........ someone who still believes that the PPF is looked at in MCM Div, and they actually take your wishes into consideration........
  13. of course they look at it. how else can they ensure your posting does not match anything you've ticked? :roll:
  14. I got the posts I asked for! This is my second posting and it's exactly what I wanted. I just rang round and asked guys if they knew where gaps were coming. I put my PPF in at the right time and I was off!

    Something to ask when you do ring up though is whether they have a bar/liaison facility... bugger...
  15. well done. come back in another seven or eight postings and let us know your record ;)