First post and its a Med Discharge

Hello. Although I have been snooping around on ARRSE for a while now, I have finally took the plunge and registered.
And ironically, my first post on a military based forum is to say I am being Med Discharged. I damaged my neck, vertebrates c3 to c7 and dislocated my left collar bone in a Regt Football match in 2007. I received on/off physio and stuff for a couple of years and then got swept under the carpet and forgotten about for a year and a half. I got to my most recent posting and then suddenly got swept up in the whole med discharge process.
I finally had a TMMB on Tuesday and the Occ Health chap changed my grading to P8, saying I am effectively no longer insured to be employed on Militay property. To that end, I am now posted on leave for possibly the next 3-7 months before getting the confirmation letter from APC Glasgow.
Does anyone know what sort of time frames I'm looking at for receiving my pension and compensation entitlements?
I have done just shy of 13 years so I am definitely entitled to my half pension, and I know that AFCS decide how much they will give me (if any at all), but if there are people out there that have been MD'ed recently, what kind of time frames have they experienced?


It's normal to wait about 6 months for the Med Discharge Cell at APC to give you your discharge date, although it is dependant on how many cases they are currently dealing with.

If you wish to pm me an email address I can email you a copy of PAP10 v3 and JSP 765 (AFCS) and you can work out for yourself how much you should get.

I would seriously advise you to consider putting in your own AFCS claim rather than relying on the system to generate a claim for you. If you decide to claim yourself you at least get to explain the injury & what has happened since, remembering to base your claim on your very worst day.

Look at the veterans website for more info, but what are your unit doing to advise or support you?

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Nothing as yet mate, but I only got the "good" news on Tuesday. The Asst RCMO has sent of my application for Resettlement Services but aside from that, naff all. My ASM has given me long list of Websites to help Job searching and has given me his word that He is available for advice whenever needed. He is a very knowledgeable chap.
Just sent PM too bud.


I take it you are REME then. Make sure you get in touch with RAJA, details are:

Contact details

REME Association Job Agency (RAJA)
Regimental HQ
Box No H075
Hazebrouck Barracks
Berkshire, RG2 9NH

Tel: 0118 976 3595
Fax: 0118 976 3504

Good call mate. I know they are a Job Agency, does that mean they will help me find civvy employment or are they a CV writing, interview technique type Agency?


They have various jobs notified to them but in my experience they tend to be in the South of England mainly. I would give them a call and touch base as it's a while since I last contacted them.

Get your CV written and join linkedin there are plenty of ex REME pers on there and you'd be surprised how many vacancies exist out there.
Whats linkedin buddy?


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Good call mate. I know they are a Job Agency, does that mean they will help me find civvy employment or are they a CV writing, interview technique type Agency?
Sorry to hear of your problems. The civilian job market is tough at the moment, so you may wish to use the time between now and discharge to start your job search. Here's a useful link for you

More jobs, more choice at, the UK

It'll give you an idea of what sort of jobs are available and what the pay rates are. There's also a Careers Advice section that's worth having a look at - although I wouldn't recommend the paid links.

I'd also seek advice on how to leave the army with the best possible medical grading. With the rise of no win - no fee' lawyers, some companies may be wary of taking on someone with a known medical problem in case you claim they worsened the condition.

Good luck...


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