first post and begging already!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by woodlandliving, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Hi All, im sorry to say my first post on here and already begging!!
    I am chairman of the Powys and Mid Wales Military vehicle trust and we are putting a military vehicle show on the last weekend in June, all money raised is being donated to the South Atlantic medal Association (Wales)........this is where the begging starts.......we are after info on someone/people who can cover the first aid for us , we have very little money and as all money raised is going to be donated we need either first aid cover to be free or as cheap as possible, we did try 202 field ambulance but apparantly they cant deal with civvys?.......the show is in Oswestry Shropshire has anyone any thoughts? also looking for some recruitment teams....have got Shropshire Yeomanry coming along so far.......
  2. St Johns Ambulance will cover for free if your a charity, but they may shake their own collection tins whilst there
  3. Event First Aid » St John Cymru Wales I know its obvious but give them a try:thumright:
  4. Have tried these and red cross and both are looking at £11.00 Per hour per first aider, apparantly they dont do free events now for charities
  5. Haver you tried calling the Senior Medical Officer at RAF Shawbury? There will probably be some First Responders on camp.
  6. Sounding stupid now how would i get his number?
  7. Organise through St John HQ, sell it to them as an opportunity to recruit/fundraise
  8. RAF Shawbury - Contact us

    The Community Relations Officer's number is on that page. He will be able to tell what is in the art of the possible. The RAF Regt Flt and the Crewman Instructors will have q'd first aid instructors, there might even be a paramedic or 2 floating about.
  9. Every days a school day, as they say.:thumright: I had no idea they charged now.

    Tried this group? 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital (Volunteers)
  10. TA Medical units no longer cover civvy events. Its an Insurance thing.
  11. Have you thought of asking a local company to sponsor the first aid cover for the event? Free punlicity etc.

    As a side note, SJA charge £6 an hour for personnel (min of 3 hours) plus 40p a mile if they attend in there own vehicles. You are £30 an hour if you want an ambulance as well. Not sure where the £11 came from as every County has the same charge out rate.

    Now the interesting bit...public events do not need first aid cover. Some local authorities have an Events Safety Group and they look at events and offer advice but....this is directly taken from the governments own website...

    ...."ESG’s main objectives are:
    • To promote high levels of safety and welfare at events by giving advice
    • To promote good practice in safety and welfare planning for events
    • To ensure events cause minimal adverse impact on the local population and surrounding
    Its purpose is to meet regularly to consider forthcoming events and to give advice to organisers. All
    comments and observation made by ESG are advisory. It has no statutory compulsion and organisers are
    under no obligation to submit information, attend ESG meetings, or follow ESG’s advice."

    ....and that includes first aid cover.

    The only "rules" regarding First Aid at a public event is that an employer must provide first aid for its staff. So, if you ran a security company who provided stewards for a rock concert, the only first aid cover required BY LAW is that to your own staff.

    Not sure if any of that helps..but in summary, get someone to sponsor the first aid bit, or, just don't have.
  12. Unless things have changed radically since I stopped serving, military assistance to events like this was stopped unless part of a regional recruiting plan. My Rugby Club used to get the lads from the RE MWF down to resurface our approach road & do some other work about the place on the basis of a few slabs for the boys & maybe a charitable donation (I don't know the details) and the Boss of the MWF saw this as a goor PR thing as well as providing training on a basic Engineering task. Part of the reason was that the Army should not be taking work away from Civvy businesses & charities.
  13. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    I'd be VERY careful about assuming that just because it says on a Govt website that you don't have to have first aid cover by law that it's OK not to have any! If someone gets hurt and sues the organisers (you do have insurance don't you?) then your insurers will not be happy if the injury was made worse by a delay in first aid treatment.

    Shropshire Council have an event guide with a handy checklist and their page says they will offer free advice to organisers. Start here Event Safety – Shropshire Council
  14. Are common or garden FAW (first aid at work) not able to do 1st aid (there'll be 1000's of us about) or do you need something more suited to a public event (St John etc?)
  15. Got the wrong end of the stick completely with the thread title. Thought it was going to be a brag about smashing some NAAFI munter immediately after introduction.