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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by thebossisback061, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. One of my Troop is looking into a soccer scholarship with Firstpoint USA and I am dubious about the contract he has been asked to sign.
    He has been asked for €2975 which is a huge amount of money given that there is no guarentee.

    Does anyone know anything about the company Firstpoint?

    I have backed him through the process so far but I don't want him signing off and getting screwed...

    Any advice gratefully received.
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I'll bet just about anything you like that after paying up it turns out that the person in question just happens not to be qualified or is not talented enough - so sorry.

    It sounds like those dodgy companies that target people who have been made redundant by charging them £3,000 to put them forward for non-existant jobs.

    If the person does want a soccer scholarship he'd be better off by simply applying directly to the colleges himself. What do you think this company will do if they're in any way for real anyway? They'll simply put in an application and pocket the money.
  3. i've heard about this company with regards to other sports.

    they've got a bad rep - doing precisely what Schaden said: bigging up the recipient, claiming to market their skills to universities and sports clubs ...and then drifting off once the young hopeful "appears not to have the talent after all".

    IRC, they also run sports camps (that you pay to attend) where so-called 'scouts' are in attendance
  4. I am from the states, live in a college town. I have never heard of these people. While walking the dog a few minutes ago I ran into a neighbor who is head coach of a sport (not soccer) at a major university. He had never heard of these people. He does most of his recruiting at secondary schools with good teams and at tournaments where he can see a lot of teams in a day.
    Your friend should check names and addresses of some US coaches on the internet and write to them. Some coaches post email addresses at the sports website for the university. He should also talk to coaches over there who have sent people to play in states and ask for contacts and suggestions.
    The Firstpoint website lists colleges clients are attending. Try writing, emailing them. I should note that at first glance none of the colleges I saw named were really big names academically, no "Ivy League" (i.e. Oxbridge equiv.).
    Your friend might have to rack up a good number of hours on the internet researching schools but it might pay off. Good luck to him though and best wishes. Maybe let us know what happens.
  5. My son has just done a trial with first point and been offered a contract. £ 2000 which we were not initially told about. My alarm bell started ringing . this is the only place i've found any questions being asked.
    anyone have anything to add since the last post.
  6. My eldest son got a soccer sports scholarship with
    He graduates in May 2009. In effect, the South Carolina university he'll graduate from, has paid for his Uni education inc tuition fees/lap-top/accomodation/food/sports kit/travel throughout USA to play matches.

    Its cost me on average 3,000 quid per year for flights/his pocket money (200$ per month)/new football boots each season/sports insurance/books/top up fees (he got an 80% scholarship).

    Me and the missus have been lucky enough to see him play each year he's been out there. His Uni facilities are tremendous. The system is very supportive of young Brits. He spends his college day in t-shirts, shorts,flip-flops n shades because the climate is superb. He loves the life style.

    As a parent, the life experience for him is priceless plus its only cost me a fraction of what it'd be if he'd gone to a Brit Uni.

    I don't recognise the description of FPUSA from the other posters on this thread.

    Each applicant to the programme must pass the American SAT exam to get access to the US Division 1 and 2 sports scholarship system. That means they must, academically, come up to the mark. Athletically, they must attend an assessment to show that they are a good enough standard to compete in the US Uni sports scholarship system, or, provide evidence (normally DVD footage).

    FPUSA don't offer a contract (charge a fee) until an applicant has demonstrated academic and athletic ability. The deal is FPUSA have a 100% success rate in placing applicants. The client stays on the books until he is found a Uni/college. The main point to note is not everyone is offered a contract......that hurts some people.....its not the same as taking money from someone and then saying, "Sorry, mate, you're not up to scratch".

    The big issue is timing. If a kid (child of a Brit serviceperson or an Army Leaver) bangs in an application to FPUSA today to find a College to start in Aug 2008 he has no chance. The US system means a soccer coach has a finite pot of money for each year.(It' a bit like playing Championship Manager!) The guy has spent his Fall 2008 pot. However, he's actively looking for players NOW for Fall 2009 and Fall 2010 because e.g. he knows his goalie graduates in 2009 and his left back graduates in 2010, therefore, he must plan to replace these guys now and he'll currently have the dosh to make scholarships available, now.

    FPUSA don't run "camps". Never have done. They do place kids at the "Ancient 8" Ivy League Unis....if the kids SAT score is excellent and they play their respective sport to a very high standard. Bobby Clark (former Aberdeen and Scotland goalie) is soccer coach at Notre Dame and has defo taken FPUSA clients. The majority will go to Divison 2 colleges because of their SAT scores and athletcic ability. 1 in 4 clients get 100% scholarships.

    Am I fan of FPUSA? Absolutely. My son has matured into a very fine, confident young man because of the education/life experience he has recd in South Carolina and will stay on to do his Masters because he can continue, at the Americans expense, as an Assistant Soccer Coach/Grad Assistant.
  7. Well my son went through Uni here and it cost me less than you paid! You sure you don't work for them? Being that your first post here was in their defence and all. ;)
  8. sorry if i am misreading you, but you sound like public relations for FPUSA. I wouldn't advise anyone to take this at face value.

    edited to add; if the poster does work for fpuas, i suggest that would be confirmation that your friend should not get involved with them under any circumstances.
  9. Fair enough on the PR front. I do think FPUSA are good. The thread was pointed out to me by a mucker.

    It's the natural response of every soldier to be cynical/suspicious of being asked to part with their hard-earned cash...and rightly so. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

    It wouldn't be fair if some-one who's had a positive FPUSA experience didn't attempt to give the other side of the issue. It's up to the individual to decide on value-for-money/balance.
  10. ok, you've redeemed youself there! ;)
  11. KTS 1869 you have not clearly stated that you are not anything at all to do with First Point.
  12. Sorry. Wasn`t aware it was a requirement :wink: I do apologise, though, for not responding sooner but I've been massively busy.

    Yes, I've worked for them since I left the army in Dec 07. As I've said above my eldest son went to the States three years ago and he's so thoroughly enjoyed playing football in the South Carolina sun that it made me a huge fan of American university sports scholarships. Does that make me massively biased? Absolutely. Happily so.

    My sincere wish is that the lads and lassies who have arrd and are on their way, as I type, to USA & Canada to begin college this month have as brilliant a time as my son has.

    Going to the States is not for everyone. For those who are, at the very least, intrigued by the idea then I' d recommend contacting kids (and their parents) who are already out there or rtnd to UK with their Degrees and their invaluable life-experience. How can that be done? Independently, visit American Uni websites, check on their "rosters" for Brits, and write them a letter OR ask FPUSA to put you in contact with Brits out there.

    It's been a massive personal buzz to have just organised one particular young lad who, in the best possible sense, his brains are in his football boots. He's gone out to a Junior College on a scholarship. His qualifications aren't the greatest. He wouldn't be heading to a Brit Uni. However, he's a superb full-back who the yanks snapped up. He'll do two years there. He'll then move on to a University in years 3 and 4, continuing to play football, and end up with a internationally recognised Degree. It's a perfect example of the yank system which allows talented athletes to have a University education based on their sports ability. Biased? You bet I am !!!! I'm really chuffed for him.

    My final point is that people should be given as many options to decide their own or their kids educations as they can cope with :D It's up to them to make a valued judgement on what's good for them or not. FPUSA is a pukka-gen option.

    I'd be pleased to answer any questions.