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Mr Happy

A simple quick question.

I bought a console to avoid all those cheating c*nts that made FPS impossible to play on the PC. There would be cheats like shoot through walls, unlimited ammo, see through walls etc.

I was under the impression that Console games were protected against this but have been getting whacked in some pretty unlikely ways. For example I'll camp in a bush near invisible and wait to MP5 some en from behind and they'll run up and cut me or blow me away even though I've specifically not moved or done anything to give myself away. Is this because 13 year olds really are that good or is it because they're cheating barstewards?

More importantly, what can I do about it. I googled some stuff and found that there are cheat advice on YOUTUBE about getting levels and new shooters and stuff, I'm not interested in cheating my way up the promotions tree but do those cheats like unlimited ammo, see through walls etc exist on consoles still.

Specifically I am referring to PS3 MW (not yet invested in MW2).
Cant see the point in cheating on them... takes the pleasure away from blowing up something/shooting/grenading/knifing someone - if you get killed then hit the respawn button and try again... and yes 13 year olds will kick your arrse all over the parish .. I first did an online game and got well and truly whupped.. mind you it was my own fault as I joined the wrong game.. everyone else was general type rank and I was a private... d'oh !!
I'm unaware of any cheats that can be used on the PS3, but then I am a biff when it comes to technlol, teknokol, **** it, computer stuff.

I know you can get "modded" controllers, that from what I've seen on youtube, basically replaces your small crosshairs with a great big box in the middle of the screen. When you shoot, you hit anything inside the box, which obviously negates the skill of aiming accurately. They can also turn semi-automatics (i.e.FAL on MW2, or the G3 on MW) into full auto.
Sony are trying to cut down on the modded controller issue, and if you're caught using them you can expect to be banned from the Playstation Net.
I've heard about 'aimbots' before and often want to blame cheats for kicking my arrse, but in reality, I think they are fairly rare and the reason I get shot so much is that the other players really are that good!

Like you I've been killed in some fairly unlikely situations, but if you think that someone is using a cheat, (e.g. someone in a recent game ended up with a score of 26 kills to 0 deaths) just leave the game and play another.

BTW, get MW2 and improve your life. There are quite a few of us Arrsers on there with a clan tag of BARS. Just hope that skintboymike is on your team as he is scarily good.

Mr Happy

I'll get MW2 as soon as I am back in Europe and can then use it on my European PS3 over here in APAC. BARS - Noted.

I would really like to see some (be part of) proper mil tactics used as whenever I seem to play it is almost always every man for himself go go go and I cannot help but feel that proper arc coverage should work, occasionally I find I can tag along with a guy and we'll pepper pot but its rare, mostly because its too slow and boring I assume.. I've often thought that BF2 and MW (and I'll assume MW2) are more conducive to 'proper' mil tactics as opposed to those jumping around earlier Doom/Clancy earlier FPS's.

If you watch any of the MW2 video's on YOU TUBE you can see guys score in the 50's in games, it is highly possible and they seem very very good and I assume as they have videoed themselves that they are not cheating but I've watched them and seen them shoot at a spot in the dark and get a kill. I assume this is therefore not because they are cheating but because that particular spot is where they know from playing the game for 10 hours a day for the last year that people camp. I would like to see a random map generator like Red Alert/Command and Conquer that would sort that out.
That's the issue I found when the new maps for MW2 came out; it was the players that knew the maps who did best. I find I still do better on my 'favourite' maps and get shot to bits when I bumble around the new or less familiar ones.

Unfortunately, 'proper tactics' don't seem to work that well (as I have found out). The perks such as Marathon (enabling players to run at full tilt constantly) mean that the tactic of 'run and gun' works just as well as arcs, mutual support, covering fire etc.

When you finally get MW2, come and find us. There is a list of BARS clan Arrsers on another thread.

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Cheats on PC, particularly on MW2, are more common than you'd think. By the time I'd given up on it I reckon I was running into one every other match. And this isn't just me shouting at the screen when someone's better than me, this is watching a killcam and seeing the guy's crosshair trace your head through a wall for five seconds before firing as soon as you appear. I used to think killcam's ruined many games, but I've since turned into such a pessimist that I think they're almost mandatory to make any game remotely fair. Not that being caught stops any of the cheaters - so long as the system fails to recognise them, they'll carry on.

Cheating on console is less common, but not impossible. Now that consoles are so software-oriented (i.e. common hardware pieces like HDDs and USB ports) you can easily get data onto them and thus modify your games.

I find the best method of avoiding cheats is to pick the right game. MW2 was so mainstream and packed with kids that it was always going to fall victim to the hacker. BF:BC2 is a much more complex game that tends to scare off the sprogs, leaving you with a more respectable player-base that tends to shun the hacks. Team Fortress, on the other hand, takes the tack of simply not taking itself seriously. It's a humorous game played by people who can take a joke and relax about their games - hence there's no real desire in that player-base to hack. I think it also helps that there's no ranking system to climb up, and apart from sniping there's no weapon system that would lend itself to aimbotting.

In three years I've only come across one person I think hacks, and worryingly he's an admin on one of my favourite servers. Unfortunately, with no killcams in TF2, I've no way of getting an objective assessment.
When new to a game, dying very quickly and repeatedly is par for the course for a game, until you get up to speed.
Ther are many perks and add-ons for games such as heartbeat sensors or radars that make your "excellent hding spot' pretty redundant. It is easy to blame cheats when if fact you are jus plain crap at the game to begin with I've done it myself.
Hacking is pretty uncommon on consoles.
I find the best method of avoiding cheats is to pick the right game. MW2 was so mainstream and packed with kids that it was always going to fall victim to the hacker. BF:BC2 is a much more complex game that tends to scare off the sprogs, .
I'd disagree with that, Iget my arse handed to me by kids regularly on that game.
I personally don't think I've come across anyone using cheats or aim-bots. I have had moments of screaming "How did you kill me when I shot you twice?" But I think thats down to lag. I'm sure I've killed people who have also screamed the same at the TV.

As Spook_44 said, I do well on maps I know really well, and poor on those I don't. I recently purchased the two new map packages on MW2. I say new, but they've been out for a couple of months now. I get caned on them all the time because I'm not familiar with them yet. Some maps suite certain types of gameplay as well. Some are better for run & gun, others I prefer to snipe (or camp as some would say).
Billy, I don't say that there aren't kids in BF2 - just not so many as in MW2. And while it may be a broadbrush assumption on my part, I'd say that the differences between the two games are reflected in the type of sprog that plays them.
I must admit that I'm often highly suspicious when watching killcams to see somone throw a grenade or some C4 over a building and half way across the map to land square on my head, killing me. Lucky shot my arrse!

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