First parade tomorrow-what to expect?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by digitalis, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. As the title says, was enlisted last week under the DETAPO scheme and have parade tomorrow evening. Not exactly sure what I meant to say or do, as I am as green as it gets! No idea how to parade, who to address as what etc, so any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. As you won't have your uniform yet, wear something that's not untidy, but that you won't worry too much about getting a bit of oil on.

    Shaven, hair shortish (but not ridiculous), off ears, off collar and off eyebrows - No.4 is good, but it's getting a bit chilly.

    In these modern times, eagle eyes are needed to spot rank. One or two chevrons, call them corporal (bombardier if it's artillery), three chevrons is a sergeant, three chevrons and a crown is staff sergeant (as you're new, use the full title - when you've been in a while, you can get familiar and call them "staff")(unless you're infantry, in which case, he's PROBABLY a colour sergeant). Anything else, call them sir.

    As for parading, as you'll be in civvies, so you'll probably be lined up separately so that you don't make the rest look untidy. It's nothing personal. You'll be shown where to go.

    If you get shouted at, don't take it to heart. It's tradition and it'll settle down in about a decade or two (when you're doing the shouting).

    Take plenty of cash. It's the quickest way to make friends in the bar. :)
  3. Thanks for the would a Warrant Officer be addresed? I'm guessing by the WO2 bit ;) And in parade, what would I be expected to do, or will all that be revealed beforehand?
  4. I found when I went (I wasn't only one) jeans and a smart non offensive top (Jumper too in cold weather) did me. They showed me how to "fall out" (minus stomping) in the evening so I could fall out (its really easy) your best bet is to see what every one else does (what I did any how) so if some one calls some one with rank Sargent call them that etc.

    most of all have fun its really nothing to be afraid off I found every one there really friendly and helpful (I was also really rather scared of what to expect too) and if you do get a moment pop into bar its a good way to get to know everyone.

    make sure you have a shave and a good haircut too. you will be sorted out once you get there really and best of luck.

    wo2 is Sir
    You will be taught rank in phase1a (first weekend)
  5. Warrant officer is addressed as sir but not saluted! you do not need to worry about any of this! you will be taught everything and as long as you are respectful and do not lean on doors and walls and say your p's and q's you'll be fine! just enjoy it!
  6. Until you get a uniform, you don't need to worry about saluting - it isn't done without military headdress. "Sirs" are those who have rank on their rank slide, but don't have any chevrons. This includes WO2s, WO1s, Lts, Capts, Majs et al. You'll make a good start if you hold your arms stiffly down by your sides and say " 'Evening, Sir" when you pass any of these.

    But don't worry too much. Until you've been taught, you're not expected to know anything.

    Oh, and when you're standing to attention, don't forget to breathe. It makes life easier for everyone.
  7. Expect pegs.
  8. crown is staff sergeant (as you're new, use the full title - when you've been in a while, you can get familiar and call them "staff")(unless you're infantry, in which case, he's PROBABLY a colour sergeant). Anything else, call them sir.

    unless thay are sqms in which case call then Q
  9. :D :D
  10. Okay, this is a sad spotter note I admit, but the SQMS is a Colour/Staff Sergeant. SQMS is a job.

    The non-Sergeant Major WO2 is a Q. AQMS/SQMS is an appointment.
  11. Until you've actually signed up, and done attestation, you are a civilian. As such you don't need to use the correct terms of address, especially as you will not be in uniform. I'd suggest just being polite.

    Honestly, all recruits do seem to go through the phase of staring blankly at your chest before talking. They put more thought into that than actually thinking about what they are going to say. Better just to relax and listen to whats being said.
  12. As a CSgt employed as a CQMS, I fecking hate being called Q. Usually by non Inf types!

    And good luck to the original poster, don't worry or panic no one else does!
  13. Thanks all, went fine today...very helpful the advice though! Was attested last week so I thought I should have a grasp of how not to cock up on day 1 ;)
  14. It's always best to cock up on Day 1. Excuses don't carry much weight after that. ;)
  15. I joined the RA in mid october and was issued my kit rather quick. I had t take part in the Remembrance day parade, I had only one weekend of drill and marching practice on my Alpha training. If you hav'nt done anything like this before it can be quite daunting. Just remember to keep the timings in your head and your heals hit the ground when called out. Just try and keep in step with your right marker.