First Parade Check List

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jerrycan2793, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. Im looking for a first parade check list, As many will know im TA (STAB to some of you and first parades arent something I do often) A member of family has a couple of new drivers starting for them and wants a check list for them to complete when taking over the vehicles.

    Is there a generic Army one I can adapt? or does anyone have any ideas of a good base to start from? Im about as usefull as a chocolate fire guard when it comes to cars/vans/wagons etc.... so i havent a clue.
  2. B_AND_T

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    Have you got a fax?
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    Fags - check
    Lighter - check

    Ready to roll :help:
  4. Not handy, Think the business might.
  5. B_AND_T

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    PM the number and details of who it's for.
  6. Under the bonnet -

    Oils, fluids and lubes.
    Any loose wiring/hoses.

    Externally -

    Any damage/scuffs/dents not reported.
    Tyres (damage and pressure)
    Glass and Windscreen to be free from chips, cracks and breaks.
    No blue/black exhaust smoke.

    Internally -

    Dials/Gauges (all correct and working)
    Fuel (is there enough)

    Thats basic but should do the job. Feel free to elaborate on it.

    Edited cos im a mong and cant spell....
  7. Thanks but looks like its not needed see below post.

    Cheers anyway

  8. The '601' AESP for each vehicle should suffice.
    That's the user level servicing instructions.
    It's the publication developed to assist operators in servicing their equipment.

    Funny old thing...

    If the equipment in question doesn't have one, it may be in the '201' (Operatering instructions, user level)

    Well, it was when I left in 2006.

  9. ugly

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    A full tank of gas, half a packet of cigarettes, its dark and we're wearing sunglasses, hit it!
  10. All of the above is useless in the face of the AA Membership Card!!1!
  11. As mentioned there not Mil Vehicles, There Cars used for deliveries and the drivers rag them about, just trying to encourage them to take a little more care lol
  12. • Full Tank Of Gas
    • All Lights Work
    • Tyre Pressure Correct inc spare
    • Wheel Nuts Tight
    • Ignition works
    • Oil / brake liquid / washers full
    • wipers work
    • No chips etc in glass
    • No unreported dents / scratches in body
    • Gauges all work
    • Exhaust fumes (after initial puff of crap) are not black or blue

    • Vehicle tool kit present and full - inc hi vis's and convoy flags
    • Fire Extinguisher present and correct pressure
    • Spare Wheel present
    • Exhaust extension present (should have used it to check exhaust if working in a garage)

    Then according to the list, you should do a physical check, and tick, to show you have your Driving License and FMT600 as well. The driver of the vehicle signs the first works regardless of who actually did the checks, so they should tick and sign to say they've done their physical check of their license and FMT.
  13. Because the idea that the people who my uncle has employed to do his deliveries might take care of his vehicles is laughable, I normally refrain from such text speak on this forum but it just slipped out.....

    My humble apologies if LOL has caused offence and I shall refrain from future use.

    Thanks for all the help guys.
  14. Try JSP 800 - Vol 5 4th Edn - FMT 120-121.

    There's even some nice pictures for use as a reference.