First new Regiment forms.

On St David's Day 2006 in the Capital city of Wales the first new post FIS regiment was formed. The Royal Welsh has 7 Bns (1 & 2 Regular, 3 TA and 4,5,6,7 as Cadet units).

A march through the City centre was followed by a Drumhead service, this was attened by serving soldiers, comrades and cadets.

While there was a great deal of sadness at the ending of a great deal of regimental history, there was also the understanding that there was no point in fighting a done deal and it was better to take things forward the way we want not the way that could be dictated to us.

For those of you who are still going through this trying period some advice if you want it. Avoid the in fighting unite and do it your way.
All the best to the Royal Welsh. I am sure the men will do their antecedents proud.
Well done to the Royal Welsh for getting their cadets involved too. The Yorkshire Regiment are very much treating their cadets as second rate add-ons! :twisted:
Well done the Welsh for getting on with it - but honestly is it really going to benefit the Welsh recruiting drive. It should never have been allowed to happen as English units like the paras, have no regional alliance but were totally untouched.

Total PISH!!!
Except they have de facto lost a Bn to the power ranger role or whatever they are called now, and they aren't English muppet.

If you'd kindly explain your reasoned argument that English regiments have gone untouched, we're all ears. I take it from your use of the word PISH that you are another bleeding heart jock?

FFS, the cuts have happened, none of us particularly like it, but grow up, put it behind and move on....just like the Welsh have in fact.
Congratulations and best wishes to All Ranks, past & present of the Royal Welsh.

In all seriousness - enjoy the feeling of being in a 'big' Regiment. We had 6 Battalions when I joined mine and countless cadets, schools etc.

I suppose I should say 'enjoy it whilst it lasts'. A pound to a pinch of the proverbial you'll be in a single battalion regiment again 'ere long!



English units like the Paras? Are they the same Paras that recruit nationwide and have a significant number of Scots, Welsh, Northern Irish et all? Or the specific English only Paras that exist as a figment of your imagination? Perhaps you don't like it that some people choose to join a unit other that the one associated with them by area of birth?


PS Congrats to to Welsh BTW.

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