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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by emptyeye, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Just a thought and Im curious on the general view of fellow arrsers

    First name terms from Officers to SNCO's? or SNCO's/NCO's to Toms?

    Good thing? bad thing? Big No No?

    Obviously, right place, right name, but the Spams have done it for years, seeing it as a sign of respect, Senior Officers calling thier senior NCO's by thier first names in certain situations and locations.

    Im not talking about on ops/ex etc, but in general, and of course not in front of the wrong people.

    And Im only talking about Officers/SNCO's/NCO's to the lads, but not upwards, or should there be a fine line? Keeping it strickly business??

    edited to add, what if your boss says call him by his first name?
  2. Work is work, play is play. No cutting corners on the rank thing in working hours, but anything goes in the real world.
  3. The other 2 Services seem to do that alot.
  4. 'One up two down' was the 'rule' a while back (i.e. Sgt can call Staffy by first name but not a WO2 but the WO2 can call both the SSgt and the Sgt by thier first names), but never between Officers and ORs.
  5. think it depends on what unit you are in and your role etc i have worked with majors and wo2's who wouldnt dream of using rank then some people are into it i think its a huge sign of respect and trust if people are calling each other first names or nick names but in the right places and times its usually on ops or in civvies
  6. Aslong as the CofC is maintained does it matter?

    Surely it indicates a good working relationship, where the positions of rank or merit do not need to be reinforced by specifing them?

    Worked in places before now where it was pretty much all first names.
  7. The way I look at it is you can call someone of a lower rank by their first name if you wish but you should never call someone of a higher rank by their first name unless invited to.
  8. Have to agree with FF. Although i would add that sometimes, the use of nicknames or first names for someone of a lower rank can be perfectly acceptable as long as all are aware that the CoC remains extant.

    There is always a time and a place for both formality and being relaxed.
  9. Can only speak from personal experience here, but I called everyone by their rank (assuming they were higher than me) until invited to use first name terms. As an NCO it was pretty much the one up rule (except for WO2 and WO1 who were always Sir - and they never invited me to call them by their first names, except at social occasions). As a WO2/WO1 it was first names for everyone upto and including Major (only once invited though).

    I hear first name terms all the time and quite honestly I think it is a good thing, an obvious indication of team spirit and unit cohesion. Clearly you can have too much of a good thing, and as a previous poster has pointed out - so long as the chain of command remains clear then there is not a problem, at least not in my book and it doesn't matter what the rank difference is.
  10. As a SNCO I call my subordinates by their first names/nicknames around the office if it's just us. If I use their rank, then they know I'm displeased, and they see it as the first warning to toe the line.
  11. do you make them sit on the naughty step after that? :)
  12. No. I spank them.
  13. Brilliant :lol:
  14. I never realised NCO's had first names! ... it is amazing what you learn here.