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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Make_it_fit, May 3, 2007.

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  1. This one has been bugging me for a while and i'm only interested as to why the system works as it does..... I own my own house, my girlfriend owns her own house.

    I move my furniture into her house and combine the two, we then get married and move into a quarter.....apparently this is my first move and "setting up of home" despite removal costs of moving (a) from my house to hers then (b) our new house to a MQ, total cost c £2500 yet i can't claim any disturbance allowance....why?
  2. IIRC first and last moves are not at public expense, don't know what the rationale is behind this, but not too many people tend to complain.

    As for the moves you have undertaken, surely you don't expect the Army to pay for you moving from your private residence to your g/f private residence.

    And i must say £2500 for removals alone seems a bit steep. I hired a van and moved myself at a cost of about £250 including the petrol.
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    It is your "first move" as far as the army is concerned. Why should they care less how many times you have moved house/shacked up with a bird before you got married?

    Its fairly simple: Move in to the quarter at you own expense. The army then pays for every move it needs you to undertake. Job done, you pay to move back out, to your future civvy digs.

    The army doesn't pay you to move in to a quarter when you get married, because the army doesn't require you to be married. Therefore, you pay for it yourself, because it is not the army's request that you get married.

    Once married and in a quarter though, any relocation entitles you to the appropriate allowances to cope with relocation - They require you to move, therefore they compensate you for the move.

    When you end your career, its a (sad) reversal of the system - They didnt "require" you to be married and move into a quarter, therefore they don't fund your move out into civvy street.
  4. What a croc of $%^&. If this is the case they could say this EVERY time you move.
  5. Have you actually checked JSP 752? I've had a couple of beers already, but I'm sure that first moves are now covered, it was one of the big advantages under the new scheme. Check out serving soldier, JSP 752 is on there.

    If it turns out I'm taking shite, well, like I said, I've had a couple.

  6. yes you can claim disturbance as a first move see Defence Instructions and notices (2006DIN02-056) dated Feb 06 'a summary of JSP 752 relocation allowances.