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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Hexitele, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. All being well I'll have finished my DAS course next month and will be after a bike.

    I'm a complete moto novice so only know what I've googled on the subject.

    Ideal budget of £1500 (max) as I'm not made of money and expect to drop it every now and then.

    Looking for a 500cc + and a comfortable riding position for an over 6footer as just looking at sports bikes makes my back ache.

    Any ideas?

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  2. Two of my favorite non-US, decent sized, street bikes that I have owned were a Honda Ascot 500 and a Norton 850...

    I also had a couple of antique BSA's but those are most likely unobtainium these days... (1937 G14 and a 1967 A65)
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  3. Yamaha Diversion 900

    - shaft drive (no chains & lube)
    - air cooled (no plumbing & pumps)
    - half faired (cheap to repair scrapes)
    - low pegs/high bars/good aerodynamics = comfy for tall riders
  4. (Hinkley) Outside his price range
    (Meriden) Gear lever & rear brake wrong way round, also spares might be hard to get.

    Look at getting a Suzuki Bandit, Honda Hornet or Yamaha Fazer.

    Fazer, detuned Thundercat engine, fairly stylish all rounder, all half faired, weak headlights (probably sorted but hardwiring both together, if not, consider a HID kit)

    Hornet, detuned CBR600F engine (pre-2000 carbed version), mostly naked, but plenty of half faired bikes out there. Always does what it says in the tin, totally solid, but maybe a bit bland.

    Bandit (caveat: I currently own a 600, will be getting a 12 to replace it later this year). Sleeved down SACS GSXR750, utterly bombproof (1100s can be bored out to 1215 with no internal changes, or increased servicing, and many of these engines find their way to the drag strip), mostly naked, plenty of half faired too. Getting a bit long in the tooth, but easy to upgrade with modern GSXR running gear. There are thousands of options to personalize, from blowers, turbos, nitrous, etc, to forks, swingarms, fairings, seats, etc, hundreds in breakers for easy spares. By all that is holy, do NOT look at the post-2003/4? water cooled is an abomination, and of the devil! :D

    Seriously though the Bandit created the all-rounder bike segment, and it is well worth a look. Give me a PM if you want more of my advice/opinions

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  5. 18 months ago I bought a Yamaha Fazer 600 a month after passing my DAS. I'm about 6'3 - 6'4 and no complaints on the riding position and love the bike. It seems a great all rounder for someone new to the game with lots of experimenting to do out on the road on your own away from instructors.

    Still not dropped it,... touch wood!

    Good luck with the rest of the DAS course.
  6. I second the bandit 600 (unfaired). Comfy, inexpensive & bomb-proof. I had one for 3 years (a 1996 model - got it in 2008), and loved it - I only changed as I wanted a sports tourer (Honda VFR 800).
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  7. A bit leftfield from the obvious Bandit/ Fazer choices but fun, cheap to insure AND nice sounding- Yamaha TRX.
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  8. Second vote for the Divvy. I ran it's predecessor XJ900 for a couple of years of commuting between NI and Cornwall on a regular basis.
  9. Id go for a sport tourer, ive got a super blackbird, admittedly its an 1100 but the position is great, im 6'5 and have no problems with it. If you look around you should be able to find one out there, if you find one cheap enough you like but is a bigger engine size you can always get it restricted to what you want, you'll get a certificate from the garage which you send to your insurance company and you will have slightly cheaper insurance costs as its not as much power, the bonus to yhat us when you've been riding it a while and are used to the weight then you can de-restrict it, more power without buying a new bike. As to ehat bike, the choice is yours, why not look on auto trader bike site and put your max price and see what comes up, will give you plenty of choice.

    Good hunting and ride safe
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  10. Don't get a Blackbird for a first bike. It's got too much power and it'll cost you too much in tyres.

    The calls on a Bandit/Fazer/Divvy are the way forwards. It also throw in the Z750 Kawasaki too. You should be able to get a half decent one for that sort of price.
  11. Diversion is a terrible bike, incredibly boring and handles like a shopping trolley.
    You'll be looking to sell it within a couple of months.

    Sensible choices would be Hornet, newer Fazer or Bandit as these are all great bikes easy handling but they will take you too the next level as they can be sporty and handle quite nicely. The hornet was used in a very impressive single make race series and nurtered some very fast amatuer racers whilst being an excellent learning bike.
  12. The new Diversion is a good bike for what he wants
  13. Don't get a blackbird as a first bike or you won't be getting a second.

    Bandits, Fazers and Hornets are what you are after and prehaps a Suzuki SV650. The s version has a half fairing. Very competent and cheap to insure, some might say a bit girlie and for a 6footer poss alittle on the short side.

    Best advice is go to a large shop and have a look, chat to the seller and sit on a few bikes to get the feel. Remember what you like and trawl the interweb for a bargain. Make sure you fit the new test laws for bikes.

    Good luck.

  14. We must have had different experiences; mine was fast, engine like a turbine, and handled very well.

    OP is a novice, so I'd have thought a Divvy 900 would be a good hassle-free bike to start out on?