First memories of the internet



As Jarrod says Porn, or your lying.
My son said, "Dad, how did you manage before the internet was invented?"

I said, "Readers Wives and Razzle, son."
Downloading pictures from the internet faster than the computer could write them to a floppy disk....
Earliest memories was H/P Pentium1, dial up connection, and AOL, fcku twas grim then.
I was thrilled when I got my first PC and dial-up modem, and AOL email address. I was desperate to send someone an email, and then I realised that I didn't know anyone else who had an email account. That was a long time ago.

Obviously I did the porn searches, and two I remember were 'Bob's Lesbian Watersports Paradise'; and a long text-only site by a woman who was seriously in to shagging dogs. Very long, and very detailed as to how to start off, how to train the dogs, which breeds had the biggest cock etc. It could have been her Ph.D. dissertation for a Doctorate in Dog Shagging.

BTW, remember the alt. area of the internet? Is it still there?
My memories are that bad I can't recall if I got a Laptop or PC ffs.

Lesson learn't...don't sign up every known weekly newsletter or promotion on just one email,

I didn't know anyone back in the early days that knew how to aquire free stuff online, now i'm teaching guys at work who still think downloading is taboo if not from official sources destined to rip you off.
I didn't get that at all. :? I guess you had to be one of the cool kids to understand what that was all about.

Here's a Harry Potter version that is not half bad.



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I knew one person with an email address. He was in the cabin next door but one. We used to email each other then go round and ask if we got it. Then we would have to log on and wait for the modem to dial in.
Let's say it would be very tedious to explain...

But it would involve blue boxing, trunk lines, servers belonging to various ivy leagues and the Bell company and me, as a 10 year old kid, wiring my hand made I8080 & later M6800 computers to the neighborhood co in the back yard with a 300 baud modem liberated from a certain gov't office that was being remodeled when I happened by...

There was no real porn at the time...

just various crap theses on comp sci and arpanet and fledgling discussion boards arguing about the crap theses... the most interesting stuff was on Ma Bell's systems if you could find your way in and you liked learning programming languages...

Local dialup boards came around and the then things started to get interesting...

Then the 'Internet' happened and morons were suddenly happy pay to wait 10 minutes to play with interactive Ford Probe commercials downloading on there spanking new PC's with 24.4k modems semi-subsidized by AOL....


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Finding the "delete history" bit in tools before her indoors did
Life saver.
I went to uni back in 1994 and there were about 12 PCs in the computer suite for the entire university. So I scrimped and saved and went on the piss, I then blew about half of my student loan, I think it was about £700, on a brand new shiny 486 DX 2/66 with 8Mb of RAM and a 120 Mb hard disk running on MS-DOS 6 and Windows 3.1, I was well into my games so spent a further £80 on an Adlib sound card and later on, about £150 on a GeForce Voodoo graphics accelerator (a weird and wonderful thing which plugged into your PCI port and sort of connected in serial between the graphics card and the monitor). I spent a further £200 on a rather naff SVGA digital camera (1,024x768 pixels in 16-bit colour).

I'm pretty sure it was Netscape Navigator I used to browse the internet and find future victims of my serial shagging. I'd get random females off the internet to email me photos with their tits out and inserting random household objects into themselves, I used to cycle a hell of a lot at the time about 150 miles each week over hills and dales, I was at uni in Newcastle and in addition to the totty I'd pick up there (I was a very fit, well built young lad at the time & dare I say quite handsome) would quite happily cycle to Alnwick or Middlesborough for a liason with some random internet slut. I vaguely remember cycling to Carlisle for a weekend of passion with an absolutely stunning 25 year old woman who's husband was away in Bosnia. Pad-shagging even before I joined up, winner.

Games of choice at the time were Quake and Warcraft 2.
What early internet stuff do you remember thinking...'cool!'
1993. When you knew everybody on the internet and thought it would stay that way. When lynx was for browsing and VI for text editing. Then AOL opened the flood gates and the internet was suddenly full of mongs spamming usenet with "I'm online!!!!!!" - "Me too!!!!!" posts.
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