First man on the balcony

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Elindio, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Having had the rare privilege of meeting the man who was second on the Iranian embassy balcony-twice!- and also having spoken to several people who are acquainted with this chap, I was wondering if anyone here knows who was first in? SMOB told me he was 'Ginge' MacAloan, a massive pisshead and a closet homosexual, although the other SMOB can't remember who exactly he was, but that he was a 'big Fijian guy'. Why is this person never spoken about? Did he end up raping his kids like that bloke on Black Hawk down?
  2. Dunno but I bet he has a massive tash and a collection of kiddie porn that would make Gary Glitter turn his bollocks inside out with joy.
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  3. Why? Did you?

  4. Fuck off.
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  5. This bloody internet provider has blocked all the 'good' websites, and the council has closed all the public toilets, so I'm reduced to finding people like me on websites like these.
  6. Julian Assange was on the Ecuadorean Embassy balcony earlier tonight. I don't think he's Fijian though.
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  7. Say again ?
  8. His c/s was 'Whet': poor fucker has been crippled ever since.
  9. Thought Tropper was the first man on any balcony?
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  10. Wrong, it was my Dad, he also invented Tippex, candyfloss and talking Birthday cards, but he didnt like to talk about it.
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  11. You want to hope that this big Fijian guy never gets to know that you think he raped his kids.

    He won't be happy with you mate!
  12. barrygeorge460.jpg

    It was my old mucker Bazzer G. The last time I saw him he was on the way to surprise his girlfriend Jill.
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  13. Yes, but they were gagging for it.
  14. Or just gagged for it...
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