First man on the balcony lays into Gormless Gordon

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Mr John McAleese, the genuine "first man on the balcony" ripped Gormless Gordon a new one by saying that he wasn't supporting the troops in Affers and lying about the kit they have (or don't have). Here's the Daidley Maidley article on it:

    Now one official announcement I'd love to see/hear would be: "By special appointment to the office of Secretary of Defence: Mr John McAleese".

    Not only would Johnny Mac get the kit question(s) sorted at the double, nobody would have the balls to fück with him.

    My heartfelt condolences go out to Mr McAleese, his family, relatives and friends at the very sad loss of his beloved son.

  2. Agreed Bugs. I would love to see Mac have a "discussion" with Broon about the whole affair. It's the least Broon can do.
  3. I assume the second man was in the pub getting the drinks in?
  4. As was the balcony.

    Some cnut trod on my toe.
  5. It was me,and you cried and blamed it on the cold winters night :D
  6. You did the same fcuking thing in Belfast. :wink:
  7. Yes,but it saved us both from getting shot :)
  8. True but it didn't do my chilblains (or more importantly the book rights) any good. :wink:
  9. AND that was in a 'sensible' thread!! No grown ups here!!
  10. Put it in writing. You know what to do.
  11. Can I play one of you in the TV mini series
  12. But I know he's a moron
  13. From the Headlines of the 'Wail on Funday'....

    Looks like poor auld Gordo Gollum Cyclops McDoom is also getting a shoeing from Teflon Blair and Meddlesome...... :lol: :wink:

    "Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson have given up hope of Gordon Brown winning the General Election and believe he may throw in the towel to avoid humiliation by David Cameron, it was revealed last night. The damning verdict on the Prime Minister by his two most prominent Labour colleagues came as a new book disclosed that Mr Blair has branded Mr Brown a 'quitter not a fighter'".

    ...Its in the 'Wail'... so it must be true..... oh yes indeedy... :p

    ... a nervous 'break-doom' soon...? The sound of sirens from Paramedics coming to gurney McDoom away to a Funny Farm...... :p