First Major Franco-British exercise since the signing of the FRA/UK defence treaty.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fantassin, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. First Franco-British exercise since the signing of the FRA/UK defence treaty. Last week it was Prince Harry flying in the Alps….now this !

    Southern Mistral 2011

    On November 02 2010, France and Great Britain signed an unprecedented agreement on defence and security.

    The Franco-British exercise Southern Mistral falls within the scope of this treaty. It is scheduled to take place from 21 to 25 March 2011 on several French air bases.

    On this occasion, the French and British forces will perform Composite Air Operations and a specific air raid (Southern Storm), delivering very long range conventional strike. Over 500 personnel will contribute to this bilateral exercise.

    Six Royal Air Force Tornado GR4s, one tanker Vickers VC-10 and one Boeing E3D will be deployed together with French Air force Mirage 2000Ds, 2000Ns and 2000Cs operating with a fleet of around thirty aircraft including helicopters, Boeing tankers and Awacs radar aircraft.

    Air Raid Southern Storm will be commanded and controlled by the National Air Operations Centre (CNOA) of Lyon Mont-Verdun air base (BA 942).

    An Air Operations Cell deployed at Nancy air base (BA 133) will follow in real time all the air missions and reproduce the air raids.

    Simultaneously, Paratrooper Commando Air 20 (CPA20) will receive its British counterpart in Dijon: the RAF Regiment. Together they will train for air base protection missions on operational theatres in compliance with what is achieved today in Afghanistan.

    Furthermore, with London’s Olympic Games coming up in 2012 and the relating security mission, RAF Regiment members will train in Captieux to helicopters’ air policing measures. These specific procedures are implemented on a daily basis by the Quick reaction Alert FAF air defence helicopters to intervene against “slow movers”.

    On March 24, commando paratroopers and pilots will meet in Nancy-Ochey to present the product of their cooperation to the French and British Ministers of defence during a one-day display featuring the future alliance.

    Welcome to Southern Mistral 11
  2. Simultaneously, Paratrooper Commando Air 20 (CPA20) will receive its British counterpart in Dijon: the RAF Regiment.

  3. Obviously, with long range air strikes being exercised, this has nothing whatsoever to do with the situation in Libya.
  4. My telly is full of Japan,so clearly nothing happening in Libya.
  5. No it doesn't, it is purely coincidental. Rather timely though!
  6. barrière vers le haut....

    barrière vers le bas....

    où est la cantine?


  7. We'll see if they cut the mustard in Dijon.....
  8. Glad the Rockapes have at last met their equals!
  9. Actually, CPA 20 and CPA 30 TACPs were incorporated to 1 Royal Welsh Battle Group as part of the FRA OMLT to Afghan Kandak 31 during Op Moshtarak and I have heard no complaints about their performance....
  10. That may have been because the 'Taffs' couldn't speak French and the French couldn't speak Cymraeg. Whatever, as long as the 'Taffs' overcome the French in Paris on Saturday, who cares.
  11. RAF Regiment.....Maintenant.. Maintenant.... Maintena............Z....ZZ....ZZZ....ZZZZ

    Just remeber: "il ya quelque chose un grande cloche!"
  12. Four Mirage 2000D and four Tornado GR4 jets from Nancy for a raid lasting four hours. The planes will remain permanently in the French and British airspace. They simulate the firing of cruise missile Storm Shadow and Scalp cons objectives of high strategic value. Four hours of flight at an average speed of 450 knots, it is an object located more than 1600 km from the point of departure. For example, Tripoli is 1400 km from Istres ...

    The eight attack aircraft will be escorted by fighters (Rafale, Mirage 2000), refueled in flight by VC-10 RAF C-135 and FR supported by AWACS and the two countries. | le site de l'hebdomadaire Marianne
  13. I was driving up the M6 on Sunday and passed a convoy of French Army trucks heading north. Anyone know what they are up to?