First Lottery Results of 2006

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Piglet_Files, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. So what do we all think of the first lottery results of 2006 - assuming we have all seen them ? Few surprises in there moreso on the amount they have decided to take into the shoulder pip brigade.
  2. Or those they left out.
  3. I think we should commission more HUMINTERS from outside the Corps!
  4. They're obviously keen to do back to back tours.
  5. Surely the last lottery results of 2006, or first results of 2007?

    Congratulations to all those selected, even the interloper!

    Obviously the results mean the announcement due 2 weeks today only has one contender....................................
  6. Really? How do you do your maths...?
  7. With the help of booze!

    You'll have to explain your previous comment.

    in small easy to understand words
  8. You never know, there may be a surprise for one of those who did not remove their name from the lottery with the hope there are more suitable people to fill said position!!!! ! It is never a foregone conclusion!
  9. I never get to see these things until it's too late. Thats what you get for living in a gloomy place I suppose.
  10. I for one am looking forward to the announcement of the new "Big Badge" - Sadly I am not running a book on it but if anyone out there that is - then publish the current odds please !!! :)
  11. wasn't that the name of David Brent's band?
  12. This will obviously have a knock on...small Commissioning Board.....small WO2 - WO1 board. See it before, not that it will effect CR!
  13. Just like to post my congratulations to those selected. Who says we ain't an equal opportunity employer, there's a dwarf and a suspiciously well groomed individual amongst that lot!! :)
  14. Hahahahaha!
    And the first time that little bloke takes the new rank slide off his uniform, he'll put it down somewhere and forget where he left it.
  15. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!! Spilled Me Coffee you bastid!