First Light: BBC2 21:00 Tuesday

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Blogg, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Make sure you catch Wellington on BBC4 at 20:00 - which is a film regarding the construction & history of the Wimpy Bomber through a WW2 Proganda film and the workers and crews that built and flew them.
  2. The missus was watching her soaps last night but has pencilled in our viewing tonight. Catch-up TV (or whatever it's called) from 8-9pm tonight watching David Jason flying a spitfire which was on last night then First Light.

    She'll be wearing a scarf next to compliment her handlebar moustache and shouting "tally-ho chaps".
  3. I read First Light sometime last year, and it was very good, interestingly, he mentions leading a flight into Malta, a book on the air war over Malta has him at the scene, but not as a flight leader. History is rarely consistent.
  4. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    A good programme well worth a watch even if there was some artistic licence (a mark IX Spitfire in 1940!!).. Haven't read the book, but will be taking a trip to Waterstones soonest.
  5. I too enjoyed the programme, an interesting insight from a pilot's point of view. Not too overly dramatised but certainly lends itself to buying Geoffrey Wellum's book and exploring his WWII experiences.
  6. Cheaper on Amazon chaps.....bloody good read too.
    Enjoyed that last night despite the usual technical errors. Cracking watch.
    On Iplayer for them that didn't get it.
  7. Sadly, I didn't see it but will be watching it on Iplayer.

    You will not be disappointed by the book which leads you through his flying training (itself an extremely dangerous occupation in those days) rather than starting when he joined 92 Sqn as I believe the TV adaptation did.

    Wellum's description of the raw fear of close air combat where he literally stared his opponents in the eyes and his guilt at having 'murdered' a completely unsuspecting bf109 pilot who was unaware of Wellum's presence until his rounds hit home are very moving.

  8. Unlike some, I'm not up to speed on the various marks of Spitfire, so I can't comment as to artistic license, but the programme was excellent and I'm glad that I made a point of watching it. The brief account of his breakdown at 20yrs of age which was given in the end credits put the whole thing into a perspective. The pressure these guys were under, some of which was self imposed through loyalty to the team and a desire not to be seen to be letting the side down, must have been immense. Incredibly selfless and brave people. Times change and the equipment used to kill gets better, but humans would appear to remain much the same and as recent times have bore witness, there are still some young people out there who's attitudes are much that of the man whose account the programme portrayed. If you didn't see it, make a point of doing so, as there's more to that programme than the usual brylcreme and cravat (although the latter do appear in abundance) 1950's Pinewood portrayals.
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Anyone know where they got the footage from the aerial sequences? Some of it looked like remastered original footage (especially the crashes) as opposed to CGI and I'm pretty sure I recognised a few shots from the Michael Caine film.

    Anyway I thought it was top, even if the blatant absence of a politically incorrectly named dog let it down.
  10. A good read and a good drama, and very honest not a, how I won the war!
  11. Merlin engined Heinkel 111 would indicate footage taken from The Battle of Britain as you suspected.
  12. The artistic licence was easily ignored and evidently just a case of what was available for filming. I'd happily put up with wrong technical details/ aircraft types than CGI.
    Well worth watching and pretty much an un-varnished tale from what I could see.
  13. Aerial footage was a mixture of CGI & BoB film stock with some CGI edits added over by the look of it. Some scenes showed Spits diving into the damned Boche with tracer & bullet trails evident which were certainly not as plainly visibile as when i watched BoB on DVD last Sunday.
  14. Read an article by the producer of the film. They only had funds for about 45 minutes of actual Spitfire flying but had access to the out takes from the BoB film which they recoloured and CGI edited to add in additional aircraft. They also had access to a Yak 11 (I think) which the owner allowed them to alter the cockpit to represent a Spitfire which was used for the close up shots of the actor playing the part of Wellum. From comments on PPRuNe it was very well received by the cognoscenti.