First Laugh of the Day.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. I know I'm a fucking ROP'd shitcunt, but I got my first laugh of the day from jack_daniels.

    Him "You've got the attention span of a goldfish"

    Me: "Oooh look a decorative castle."

    Me: "Oooh look a decorative castle."

    Me" Oooh look a decorative castle."

    I should really ask someone else here if they've got something funny, but I'm on the Naughty Step.

    Oooh look a decorative castle.
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  2. First laugh of the day? You either get up very late, or you're a misery guts...
  3. Cracking thread it'll go far.
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  4. You need to jog more.
  5. Are you allowed to wipe your arse on a computer screen?
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  6. I'm a proper misery guts. Sometimes I tend to get a tad annoyed with people though.

    Got a problem with that?
  7. Aisle 23 is where Morrisons keep the cleaning products if you are feeling thirsty.
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  8. Judging by some of the posts of late, evidently you are !
  9. No it won't. Some shitcunt will bin it.

  10. Just let me neck a few beers and the odd bottle of wine to catch up, and I might say something funny. Or not.

  11. Come over here and sniff my farts, you dribbling bucket of chicken semen.
  12. My mistake, I should have said "evidently one is"

    I wasn't referring to your posts, you silly boy.
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  13. My apologies to you Sir,

    The offer to sniff my farts still stands if you'd like.
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  14. Don't "sir" me, I'm a girl.

    And I will bear your generous offer in mind :)
  15. Ah, a Friday night in playing Dutch Ovens.