"First Lady"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DozyBint, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Public Broadcast Notice: This little rant was provoked by the BBC... :roll:

    :pissedoff: When are the educationally subnormal going to learn that we don't have a fecking "First Lady"? We have a Prime Minister. Whether or not that Prime Minister is married is constitutionally irrelevant. Their spouse (or in these enlightened times, 'civil partner') is not part of the political machine, hence if they need to be referred to at all they should not be referred to as anything but the spouse / partner of the Prime Minister (unless in their own professional capacity when the fact that they're married to / the partner of the Prime Minister is irrelevant).

    It's pathetic that the glitterati are so obsessed with the "if you're anybody you have to be somebody!" school of thought and seem to know jack-shit about the structure of the State and what is constitutionally important! :pissedoff:
  2. Saying that, at least she looks better than that gorgon headed [cherry].
  3. Don't think many could look worse!
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I agree
    Her title is Mrs Broon
    If she decides we can call her by her first name thats all very well
    Until then Mrs Broon
    Was Dennis Thatcher the first man (should we have just called him Adam)
    Fukcing numpties obssessed with the U.S thats the trouble :roll:
  5. Are you having a bad day watching the TV, Dozy?

    Go to work - there will be less to upset you! :D

  6. As previously stated her correct title is Mrs Brown!
  7. Wasn;t that a film about Victoria, shagging some Scotish bloke.

    Now we have some Scotish bloke shagging us, history repeats itself.
  8. The departed wide-mouthed Frog was the first Prime Minister's wife who was given, at public expense, an official car and full-time driver. I wonder if Mrs Brown will insist on following that precedent?
  9. not if she or her advisors have anything about them she wont. If Mr Brown wants to underscore new beginnings he'll get back to running the country and stop the ' I am a celebrity' bullcrap.
  10. I would not have thought so it is financially imprudent, waste of money to us low lives, and they do not appear celebrity fixated

    But will the new PM close the roads for his private cavalcade on that so long drive to the house, I remember walking through London and seeing John Major walking to "his office", that was after the IRA has tried to Mortar him.
  11. Indeed. I imagine that the ever-prudent Broon will greet his new Cabinet at meetings with: "Ye'll have had your tea..."
  12. Well spotted mate. Victoria was not amused!
  13. The promise of the new PM:

    "I will try my utmost."

    Kirkcaldy High School's motto is actually "Usque conabor" (Mr Brown did not attempt the Latin).
  14. First lady doesn't mean anything constitutionally in the US either.
    There, like here, it's just a shorthand for the wife of the top man. What's the problem with that?

    I agree with you that I'm not concerned with her activities and I don't see why anyone else should be either. If they are interested though, fine. That doesn't make them "educationally subnormal". You on the other hand seem to have posted a rant without educating yourself about the word you're ranting about. So..
  15. The difference is that POTUS is a head of state; ergo the "top man". The Prime Minister isn't our head of state; ergo his wife isn't our first lady. I'm happily educated on this matter, thank you.