First it was the pasty tax - now it's the five side game



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All part of Cameron's plan to increase sports participation. Scripted by the writers of 2012.


Franchise, takeovers, and taxed leisure. Revenue and tax generation. Not great News is it. I hadn't realised that the usual private opportunists were buying up pitches with the usual high charging for their use. The problem is that as private companies they have to pay VAT. And lazy, disinterested local government will contract out. We need charities and local councils to offer more such facilities and challenge private monopolies. Next, some berk in a company T shirt will be asking us to pay for parking or taking a dump. O hang on...
I wonder if they sit up all night planning and making a list of new things which can be's pathetic if true.

Someone posted this comment elsewhere, I have no idea about UK taxation so:

More nonsense from journalists who don't understand tax. Supplies of land are not "usually exempt from the tax." Some supplies are exempt, others are not. Specifically short term supplies of land, for example off-road car parking, are taxed at standard rate. The VAT treatment of pitch hire for five a side football is exactly the same as for any other sport and exactly the same as it has been for many years. All that has happened is that HMRC has discovered that some large commercial operators haven't been charging the right amount of VAT and they would like them to get it right in future.
Of course, that wouldn't make for quite as big a story. Businesses not paying their tax is only newsworthy if it is big business. It's no surprise that the letter got leaked: some companies will have got away with underpaying millions in VAT every year - I can understand why they would like to hold on to the money.
Five-a-side football to be charged VAT: Q&A - Telegraph
To me its madness. One bellend whinging from govt about how high the NHS bill is due to obesity is. Then the culture secretary taxing sport for the people whom are economically likely to be obese, the poor people, which due to low income which inturn leads to poorer diet.

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