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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by crescent, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Evenin'

    I've had a look around and got a good(ish) idea of what the first interview is like.

    Wanted to really ask anyone who's been to their 1st interview recently to give me a better idea of what's asked.

    I take it that the questions are mainly directed at your personal life?

    And how well am I supposed to know my 3 Job Choices at this stage?
  2. Normally within two weeks of taking the BARB test you will be interviewed by a recruiter. You will be asked about your home life and family, school and education, sports, hobbies and interests. You will also be asked why you want to be a soldier, why the role you have selected and what you know about the Army and the training you will have to complete. A basic understanding of where the Army is deployed too is expected however, this is not critical to your overall interview.This interview is not to catch you out. The recruiter is their to help you get in not to stop you. If there are any problems they will talk about it to see how they can help.
  3. How important is the interview? i mean can you fail it and not be allowed into the army?

    I Got my barb next monday!
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about the interview unless your a complete chav mong with a serious attitude problem.. but then, even they get in.

    Just be yourself, answer the questions honestly and don't lie about your 1.5mile time cause you may find yourself on selection the next week.
  5. Noddy stuff, but try and turn up with a shirt and tie on. not jeans, proper trousers if you can, and shoes, not trainers.

    No harm in setting a good impression from the outset.
  6. Cheers guys (and girls?)

    FluffyBunny - aye I know, I'm a recruitment consultant at the moment - there is NOTHING more annoying than someone turning up in casual clothes for an interview.

    Good luck killer commando! I was incredibly nervous before mine, but to be honest it's not too bad and I ended up with 65 :thumright:

    So it's more of a 'get to know you' type interview rather than a 'make or break' interivew?
  7. Im not a chav, im a skateboarder, (although i do ware addidas and nike and act like a chav.. but thats besides the point). I do not have a suit or can not affort anything because i am out of work and living with my uncle, how the fcuk am i gunna get into the army if i cannot aford supplies for basic!?
  8. Get a weekly paid job anywhere. PM if you want, can give you advice/tips on getting a job. Don't worry about not having experience either.

    Don't worry, I put 7 people into a new job last week - pretty sure I can help if you want it :thumright:
  9. Get thee to Asda.

    You can get a shirt, tie and non-jeans for about £ 10.

    Shoes won't cost that much more.

    You don't have to wear a DKNY suit. You just have to look like you made an effort. Do you know anyone who can lend you a shirt etc?
  10. heh, i turned up to my first interview in jeans and a fear factory hoodie, luckily the recruiter was pretty cool about, after the interview was over he just told me he personally had no problem with my choice of dress but i should deffinatly not wear that on my 2nd interview with the Staff Sgt and i should put some effort into my appearence.

    So i pulled out my shoes, trousers and shirt, non of which had seen the light of day for over a year since i left school, shirt didn't fit and more so i had to roll the sleeve up a little, then at the end of my 2nd interview the Staff Sgt tells me, she has no problem with the way i was dressed but when i have my final interview on selection i should put some effort into my appearance :D.

    Not that i got that far ...deferal for heart murmur :(, got an ECG at charing X hospital tommorow.
  11. Asda do a £25 suit that looks the part, and it's machine washable too!

    Edited to say, I turned up to do the entry test in a suit and tie and got drilled for it! Apparently my choice of white shirt/white tie looked a bit mincer. The rule is, always go for the Bart Simpson tie!
  12. Cheers cres, ur a good man. :thumright:
    Dint think about gettin a weekend joby. :plotting:
  13. Most recruiters have one question in the back of the mind when they interview you. If the sh*t hits the fan would they be ok if you were backing them up. If the answer to that question is yes then who cares about the clothes, if the answer is no you are going to fail even dressed in a suit.

    I have passed people who turned up in filthy jeans with holes, worn out trainers and a shirt that was falling to bits, why? Because they had no money, what they wore was the best they had and I was confident in their commitment and determination.
  14. naile my interviews first time i chose, Armourer - Reme,Gren Guards,Chef RLC.

    Not that hard really you've ust got to make sure you read through all of your job briefs thoroughly and kno your shit. Dress to impress and give good firm handshakes.
  15. Thanks to everyone who replied to this topic, on here and in PMs - had the interview this morning and got an excellent report :thumright:

    Was even told I'm a potential future officer :D