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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mooony, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. HI just wondering if i need to were shirt and tie to my first interview on friday? got passed medicaly fit tuesday and couldnt believe how quick i got my interview. Also what should i be revising, i know about my 3 job choices and were ill be going. My recruiter just said dress smart, does this mean jeans and top or shirt n tie etc?
    any help would be appreciated greatly.
  2. cool thansk for the help mate, appriate it. I havnt got a shirt and tie so will go and get one tomorrow. Do you ever get asked about the order of the badges and the order of them?
  3. my first interview was just about me and my general interests what I do in my spare time etc....

    i had a bit of a grilling off the WO2 after my barb test when he found out i was applying for the regiment in which is was a CSM, then for my second interview he wasn't in so i just got asked by my recruiter some up to date run times then I was away, 1 minute max,

    edited for mongness
  4. ahh nice one mate. put my mind to rest a little more there. Will still read up as much as i can just to be on the safe side!
  5. I went out and bought a suit for mine. Not worth the money in my opinion, and I wish I didn't. I'm fairly sure shirt and tie is suffice.
  6. lol, ill stick to just shirt and tie me thinks!
  7. Personally, I would.

    Had mine today, they actually told me it was good to see someone make an effort and look smart. They usually have people come on trainers and hoodies, more should make and effort and dress smart

    As I read a while ago, why should the army make an effort with you, if you wont make an effort for the army
  8. yeah definatly going ot be wearing a shirt and tie. that breminds me need to try my new trousers on!
  9. make sur you wear shirt and trousers + tie no matter what for any of the interviews, every time i have been to the careers office i have been at least casual smart as i have mostly went there straight from school (sixth form) but for the interviews a shirt and tie is a must, can make all the difference
  10. you need a suit for your final interview at ADSC. so it wasnt a waste of money, was a future investment :)
  11. thanks people much appreciated!
  12. Cock.

    You will need a suit for selection and basic too. Very useful for the future aswell.
  13. Ben,

    Dont worry about the interview. I had mine on Tuesday, i dont think its meant so much to be a tough interview but more so that they can write a report on you to send up to the Selection Centre.

    They ask about family life, whether your family/partner supports your decision to join the army, what prep/training are you doing for training, why you have chosen the trade, where and for how long will you be training (important), what activites do you participate in and questions about work.

    Also the second interview will be with a Senior Officer, but again i think this is just to confirm that the report written by your recruiter is accurate and to ensure that he is happy that you have prepared properly for selection.

    Hope this helps mate
  14. Seriously as unimportant as it may seem to you, it is. You need to make the best impression you can.

    Wear a suit, shoes polished, hair cut, shave. Look smart, it will make a good impression, and will be noted by them.
  15. I'm planning to go in smart dark jeans with black polished shoes and a white (slightly patterned) shirt tucked in..

    Although they know I'm working that day and am going to my second interview on my lunch hour, and he's already said it's ok to come in work wear.. so I'm hoping he's pleasantly surprised!! :)

    First impressions count, and then it goes on from there!