First interview done, working on second - advice


Hey there,

I had my first interview last week which went all in all well just i had a few details missed out and forgot a few things about my job choices.

Could someone be nice enough to give me a basic list of useful stuff i should know.

I got suprised when he asked me what the army DO as apparntly i should've received some info sheet giving me something along the lines of "To serve the queen and the acting governing body" and a big list of jobs we do, so at the time i had to wing it.

Any advice would help, this interview is coming up soon once i speak to the sergeant again.

Hoping for Reme armourer if anyone is interested.

Cheers guys.


onlydoingthreeyears said:
Post this in REME, only ever met one bad gun fixer...make out you like people is my only advice.......... I forgot be respectful and look smart, suit etc

Well from other advice taken on the forum i went down to my first interview done up properly, suit etc properly shaven and the sargeant commented appropriatly.

Morning Sir, how are you today?

Was fine on that front i think, i have alot of respect for the this first guy but he did warn me his boss is a tit and stuck up his own arrse.

So i need more factual based stuff to be working on really.


I'm going for armourer aswell. Haven't had my first interview yet because my medical taking fecking ages. Anyway, did you have to talk about only what armourers do or did you have to talk about your other choices aswell? My minds pretty set on becoming an armourer so I don't know whether I just learn about that or also my second choice.


I'm pretty much set on joining the infantry either in the Scots Guards or the Royal Reg of Scotland (4 SCOTS hopefully). I'm looking to go armoured infantry hence those two reg's. How much am I expected to know? I mean I know that armoured infantry entails sleeping and wanking in the back of a Warrior but what about the Regimental histories?