First Interveiw.


Ive sent in my Welbeck application forms and a few days ago I was called by a Captain to inform me about an interview ill have next week. He told me what he would ask me, about the army why I want to join, current affairs and about the Regiment I displayed interest in (which is the Royal Engineers).

Im preparing for the interview but what he told me to prepare for was.. Really vague and its got me abit worried so I thought I would ask you experts for alittle bit of advice to ease the anxiety :p and make sure I get to the AOSB which is what I want badly.

Another worry is the question "Why Welbeck and why do you want to join the Army (as an officer)." My answer is simple but im not sure if it will be enough.

I'd like to join the Army because I like the look of the active lifestyle where you travel the world and lead men in the most difficult of circumstances and that would be very rewarding for me. The Army is also a reliable employer and I could have a long and good career.

What else do I need to know about the Royal Engineers? I know their role in the Army but is this enough?

I think im sorted for the current affairs part since I watch the news everyday.

One last question, if I pass this interview will I go to the AOSB and then they will decide if I get into Welbeck or not, or is it another procedure?

Thanks for your time,

I believe that the AOSB will decide, but I'm not sure.

My tip is to be entirely honest with your answers. If you can appear polished and have a decent and original answer as to why you want to join then thats great; I have never had a polished answer and, indeed, have never satisfactorily answered the question. I normally say that 'it just seems right' and then give a few examples of why I think that this is the case (like you have done above with your active lifestyle comment).

Above all, I'd say that you should try not to 'play' any questions but answer truthfully and say when you don't know the answer to a question.

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