First Impressions

Well chaps, if the selection to be an Army Officer was decided on first impressions, I'd've definitely been chucked in the gutter after my visit to 'see' my ACA today.

Interview for 10am, arrive at 9:40, well on time, smartly dressed, shiny shoes, shiny mind. "Good start" was the thought buzzing through my head; I sat down and waited for the impending interview with the Colonel when the Sgt comes to me and says "Are you Rooster523?"
"Yes I am"
"Well Rooster523, it appears you've turned up for your interview at the wrong careers office..."
"I beg your pardon!"
"I've just got off the phone with the Colonel and your interview is not being held here, but in the barracks about a mile and a half down the road"
"But this is the Army Careers Office? The LCpl on the phone said it was being held here"
"Your letter states otherwise" and he digs out a photcopy of my letter which does indeed indicate my interview was being held elsewhere...

Deep Joy. So off I sprint out of the careers office and gear up (that's right, I rode a motorbike to the interview) and pelt it towards the alternative destination, it's 10:10 now and I am well and truly crapping myself. I follow the directions given to me by the very smug Sgt (who seemed all to happy to point and laugh at the Officer wannabe who couldn't read a map) and abandon my in the car park. With the motorcycle gear hastily fastened to the bike, I grab my documents and proceed to sprint down the road in accordance with the Sgt's directions and wait to see a sign saying X house. A mile and half's worth of running in full suit (which took about 10 minutes) and I'm yet to see a sign indicating the building of my interview....

It's now 10:30 and I'm sweating more than a pregnant nun. I whip out the mobile and went to call the Colonel, in an attempt to explain the situation. Full battery, full signal; my Army dreams could yet be alive. I dial the number....nothing, look at the phone and low and behold it's dead, as much life as a Northumbrian fugitive.
Admitting defeat at 10:40, I trudge back to the bike to find out the car park is infact a pay and display and yes, that means motorbike's too. That's £25 and an hour of my life I'll never get back then.

Luckily, after a profusely apologetic phonecall, the interview has been rescheduelled for a month's time, not the ideal way to start your Army Officer application....

And. after all this effort, I still haven't spoken this mythical Colonel, is it a man/woman/wildebeest? I'm hoping I'll find out in a month or so.

A long post, but very much a 'what not to do guide' to your ACA interview.
Hilarious! That must not have been fun, I went to my ACA interview an hour early and asked the person at the desk if it was the right place (with oyster card and maps ready if she said no) and then sat within eyesight of the building having a coffee in case it tried to get up and run away haha.

I do not think being late to one interview due to a really easy to make mistake is a problem, I think seeing how you handle it when you do meet the Colonel is going to matter more, a quick apology and then getting on with business would probably look far better than spending it grovelling for forgiveness, plus its not like you turned up an hour late in a T shirt with "Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls" on it, like the guy who was supposed to have his interview before me did, they where politely telling him to sod off as I was getting my paperwork back after my interview.
In my experience, its not about making mistakes but more so how you deal with them. I am guessing that your apology laden explanation included detaisl of how you had make an honest mistake and the runaround you had trying to set it straight. That to me shows keen and willing and wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

I would start off your interview in a month with an apology for making a schoolboy error and quickly resigning it to the realms of "one of those things".

I suspect your interviewer will have a bit of a chuckle on the quiet, probably call you a dunce and then proceed as if it didnt happen.

Just dont make the same mistake twice ;)
Agreed, not the best start but I am sure it is more a blow to your confidence than anything else. It is your first interview and you did call to explain and the Sergeant called ahead so your story is verified, and in fairness they will not have seen you make the unsuccessful and sweaty mile and a half dash.

At my interview the guy who was meant to be there before me called in and said that he was running late because there was bad traffic on the motorway. Problem was he came from the same place I did and they had already asked me how my journey had been and I had told them how there had been no traffic. When I left the interview he still hadn't arrived and they had some choice words about it.
And I always thought that being able to read was a prerequisite to enlistment
As a potential recruit at Sutton Coldfield, when called in to take a seat for my final interview, i sat down in the recruiting officer's chair on the wrong side of the desk and made myself comfy. The old boy screamed his head off throwing expletives everywhere, very unbecoming of a high ranking officer i thought.
When you're trying your hardest to impress and then balls up like that, it stays with you for the rest of your life.

(and no, he wasn't sitting in it at the time!)
You sound like an ideal officer candidate, your personal admin is right up there with the best! May I suggest you register under a new user name - Vortex.

On a more serious note; good luck with the second attempt, don't forget to change out of your slippers before you set off :D
At least it was only the initial interview; I rocked up at Briefing 2 hours late due to an inconsiderate sod deciding to meet his maker using the train line between London and Reading. I promise you there were some expletives flying when I exited the tube at Paddington to see all the boards reading DELAYED!

Wolfed down a pasty, had to have the photo taken on my tod and later digitally inserted into the group photo and straight into the MAP test, nothing like being in the right mind frame.

Still these things happen, good luck next month.
On my second visit to the recruitment office i was hauled before an extremely smart and well polished ex-RSM captain and asked why did I think that my old school headmaster would give me a reference which stated "this ex pupil is, in my opinion morally unsuited to join HM forces". My response was that the headmaster had taken a dim view of me getting a little too closely involved with a visiting student music teacher. The captains replied "the mans a c**t if he things shagging a music teacher is grounds for being barred from joining army, get him ready for signing up, sergeant".
And all is well again, went into to see the Colonel today, told him the story and after a few snide remarks he seemed to take a liking to me. Luckily, he decided to forgive me but as I've just left College he'd like me to get some more life exp. in so I'll be back in a year or so.
I've just read your signature .... please god, no!

Well done mate, you've given me a good laugh (How we love others misfortunes!!)

Good Luck next on time !
the headmaster had taken a dim view of me getting a little too closely involved with a visiting student music teacher.
But back when homosexuality was not allowed in the forces getting your ass shagged off by a bearded baton waver would probably suggest that you were not particularly suitable for the Army.

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